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Lord Amstrad of E-Mailer: £400,000 part payment on his peerage.

So Alan is donating lots of lovely cash to New Labour
The star of the BBC programme The Apprentice, announced the gift as the party struggled to compete financially with the Conservatives during the election campaign.
He made clear he had given the money to help Labour meet its “campaign running costs”.
Although another way of looking at it, is payback.

The Enterprise Czar Alan, landed a cushy government contract selling PC's to the government, a contract worth £30m to supply public sector organisations with  upto 70,000 PCs.

Then we have his fancy title "The Enterprise Czar", oh and that peerage.

Nice to see that in return for giving Labour in total more than £1million in donations, he just happens to get a peerage(nothing to do with handing over loot to Labour), a fancy Czar title and a huge contract.

Mind you he does work for it, earning his pennies off of Gordon; even if the Federation of Small Businesses think he is a bit of a cock over his remarks about small companies unable to get money from the banks. Oh and he has told hard working business folk that their all living in Disney World and that just 15 per cent of businesses turned down for bank loans had anything to complain about.

Then Al shows his value for money by setting up a taxpayer funded advertising campaign for apprentices that cost us over £4500 quid for each one hired.

Oh and this little gem from Lord Al:
"Can't we get off this recession kick once and for all? I don't think we're in one now, ok?"
Lord Amstrad said there had been "too much moaning" about the economy and urged a "few more positive stories".

Curse all those people daring to moan about losing their homes, seeing their companies collapse and having to go and sign on at the jobcentre.

Still it is good that vast amounts of cash changing hands can resolve differences, like when Alan slagged off Gordon back in 1992 for accusing him of making a profit from the previous recession. He said of Gordon Brown:

"I have noted with disgust the comments of a certain Mr Gordon Brown who has accused me of doing well out of the recession...
...I do not know who Mr Gordon Brown is...Whoever he is, he has not done his home work properly."

I wonder what changed his mind on Gordon, the peerage, the Czar job or the £30 million quid contract?
Oh and on that fancy Czar title his Wikipedia bit says:
During Prime Minister Gordon Brown's cabinet reshuffle on 5 June 2009, the BBC reported that Sir Alan Sugar would become Lord Sugar and had been offered a job as the government's "Enterprise Champion". On 7 June 2009 Sugar sought to clarify the non-political nature of his appointment. He stated that he would not be joining the government, that the appointment was politically neutral, and that all he wanted to do was help business and entrepreneurs.
So £400K to New Labour, that's very non-political and comes across as politically neutral I am sure.

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