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New Labour cut hours for RAF pilots but no cuts to their 2nd homes

Maybe its not the best idea to cut the amount of practise pilots are getting when we are engaged in 2 wars, both of which the scum sucking champagne socialist pigs of New Labour got us into.
The Ministry of Defence has axed RAF pilots' flying time in a move that crewmen claim will leave them 'dangerously short of practice.'
The MoD has told sixteen crews of the 111 Squadron to cut their 15 hours a month to ten in order to save £80,000 a month on fuel and other costs.
The squadron is charged with protecting Scotland and northern England with its 14 F3 Tornado fighter jets.
One of the pilots told The Sun: 'The cutback to ten hours is just enough to make you dangerous. It almost guarantees an accident if the jet is taken near its limits in the role.'
After initial complaints the MoD agreed to 'slightly' increased the allotted flying time to 12.5 hours but this has failed to appease the squadron, which claims its allocation is less than Soviet pilots were allowed at the end of the Cold War.
Another crewman said: 'I saw the results of low flying hours amongst the junior pilots on my last tour. Knowledge of your own limitations and capabilities and that of the aircraft - comes from time in the jet. No substitute.'

A vote for Gordon and his evil ilk is a vote for more soldiers to die in needless wars and for their injury payments to be cut.

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