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2 worthless parasites returned to suckle on the taxpayers teat

for another 5 years, both Paul Flynn and Jessica Morden scraped back in to the their cushy taxpayer funded jobs, helping themselves to our cash. No poll tax for them, no utility bills for them, no expenses for them, 2nd home allowances and lots of perks all paid for by YOU.

A moment of shame for Newport, which deserved so so much better than this pair of utter shits.

His majority this time around is 3,544, against 5,458 in 2005, 9,304 in 2001, and more than 14,000 in 1997. Looking at that drop two things can be seen, the first is that Labour are less popular than they were and also Mr is far less popular than he used to be.

Roll on next election, if the old fossil is still alive that is...

5 people have spoken:

Budvar said...

We got rid of our thieving grasping piece of shite Shahid Malik. Jacqui Smith gone. Looks like a hung parliament, so not a total loss.

Anonymous said...

it's sickening

Leight. said...

Then we should have been offered proper candidates and proper alternatives. I knew this would happen. Tories just sent some guy from the holding pen, didn't bother to check with us that it was OK.

And no, I didn't vote for Flynn. Curiously, I don't know anyone that did.

Anonymous said...

The people of Newport spoke and they didn't share your nasty and deluded view - but hey, look on the bright side clownshoes , at least you've got something to moan about for the next five years! ha ha ha.

Fidothedog said...

Anon, check out the expenses of those thieves, the only people laughing are Paul Flynn and Jessica as they fiscally fuck you and me over for the next five years.

Still always a pleasure talking to an anon Labour coward from Mr Flynn's site.

Maybe I could call you Huw?