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Another Labour lie: The NHS safe in our hands.

That is what they claim and yet day after day we have stories like this coming out.
Thousands of cancer sufferers are set to be denied a 'miracle' drug on the NHS that is routinely used in virtually every other Western country.
The Government's rationing body says Avastin is not cost-effective despite evidence that it can prolong the lives of bowel cancer patients by more than two years.
The final decision is due next month, but NICE, the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, has already made clear the cost breaches its threshold for NHS use.

Lots of lovely cash for non jobs, MP perks, dictators abroad, funding missiles no one will ever fire, ID cards and waste of time PCSO's but cancer patients not likely.

Oh and of course they have to fund the swine flu fiasco.
The NHS is being forced to cut services because of the huge costs of the swine flu scare that proved unfounded.
A survey has found that as many as one in six health trusts may have to slash services - or already have done so - to recoup costs.
And they do say that under Labour, they will ensure your basic medical care is met. Not for this poor woman.

A dying grandmother was left in squalor by hospital staff and forced to rely on fellow patients to feed her, her family claimed yesterday.
Brenda Barnett, 77, was not washed properly and was left dirty at Leicester General Hospital in the weeks before her death, they said.
The NHS hospital is the same one that was condemned last month by a coroner for 'removing patients' right to dignity' in another case involving an elderly woman.
3 tales of woe all from one paper on one day, so much for the safe in our hands claim. Still far easier to pass the buck and claim it will be worse under someone, anyone else rather than resolve the problems.

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