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Lets vote out Paul Flynn MP and send him off to retirement.

Well according to a betting site, it is a close run thing in one half of Newport.
An it looks like do nothing, pretend to support the Gurkha's/post offices, never disagree with the government as I am a rubber fucking stamp Jessica "Call me Jess" Morden will also be told to fuck the fuck off.

Good riddance to her as half the time she was not even doing the job, thanks to being pregnant and popping out babies at a rate to make slum estate chavettes jealous.

As for Mr Flynn, well his dubious expenses, his vanishing and not being in work to support the Gurkha's, his constant fawning over Lloyds and not supporting of staff being laid off make him utterly unsuitable as our MP.

An so the inevitable and last Downfall mockery...

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