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A message of from the people to Jacqui Smith.

You fat bovine faced, big uddered, saggy arsed, slack jawed, lardy kebab eating, house flipping wanker.

Oh and a few more hours laying off food claimed on expenses and maybe some hours down the gym keeping ones self fit and maybe Mr Smith would be more interested in your not so good self and less interested in taxpayer funded porn films.

3 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

lol well said

Anonymous said...

Personally, it made my day to see this closet Nazi get what was coming to her today. Banning free speech (Dr Savage who I now listen to every day), trying to ram through ID cards, reporting a man who criticized her to their doctor, fraudulently claiming a room in her sisters house as a main residence. It was nice to see her face as she reacted to democracy. B

Lightf00t said...


I completely agree. I've listened to Michael Savage for 2 years now, and while I can understand some people finding him a little abrasive, he speaks the truth - something the mainstream media will not do.

Savage should now be removed from the banned list, and some sort of compensation given. And an apology.