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A quick message to the Rt Hon. James Gordon Brown PM & snot eater:

Get your fucking bags packed and fuck the fuck off, you utter cunt. 
Hat tip to Barking Spider for the pic.

3 people have spoken:

Amusing Bunni said...

That's what I'd tell him too, Fido, won't be long now.

Fidothedog said...

I know and best of all is I won't be leaving the socialists alone even when they lose.

They are owed to much for that :-)

Barking Spider said...

I won't be leaving them alone either, mate! In a way, as far as blogging is concerned, it will be a shame to lose Brownfinger - he provides such a wealth of material all on his own - totally fucking brainless and incompetent and a complete and utter cunt. ;-)

I'm dying to see the fucker's face on Friday as they prise him off the No.10 doorframe with a crowbar.