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Good News From Iraq

Release A060503e
Iraqi, MND-B Soldiers find hidden caches
– Soldiers from 2nd Battalion, 2nd Brigade, 8th Iraqi Army Division, took the lead, assisted by Soldiers from Company D, 2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, and performed a raid in the town of al-Hak during Operation Babil Perimeter early April 28.

As the 2-8 Inf. Regt. Soldiers provided a cordon around the town, the Iraqi Army Soldiers conducted a search of the homes in an effort to find suspected terrorists.

Iraqi Army Soldiers separated the men from the women and children for processing and questioning, and detained five of the men.

They discovered two caches around the immediate area of al-Hak, which contained several munitions and weapons. After the initial search by the Iraqi Army Soldiers, Multi-National Division – Baghdad Soldiers used K-9 dogs and metal detectors to search the areas again and located two additional caches.

In total, Iraqi and MND-B Soldiers discovered bomb-making materials, triggering devices, a 152mm round, a 132mm round, three 82mm rounds, two PKC machine guns, an RPK, a rocket-propelled grenade launcher with two RPG rockets and a 57mm aerial rocket with an improvised launcher.

“We are trying to make this town as safe as possible,” said Capt. Kaohem Salim, executive officer, 2nd Bn., 2nd Bde., 8th IAD.

“I am an Iraqi,” said Salim. “I must protect my country. My people need me to work. Every time we take the lead in these operations, it takes us closer to standing up on our own one day.”

Defeating the terrorist without the help of American Soldiers is the level Iraqi Army Soldiers are trying to achieve, he added.

“I think the operation went smoothly,” said Capt. Ben Simms, commander, Co. D, 2-8 Inf. Regt., 2nd BCT.

The Iraqi Army Soldiers were very aggressive and very competent, he said. The Iraqi Army operation was the largest to date in the area of operations.

“I look forward to doing another joint operation with this unit in the future,” concluded Simms.

Release A060504b
Coalition Forces respond to attack in Ramadi, kill 8 insurgents
– Coalition Forces killed eight insurgents when they responded to an insurgent attack in central Ramadi May 4.

Marines from 2/28 Brigade Combat Team were attacked multiple times with rocket-propelled grenades, medium machinegun fire and small arms fire from a building near the Ramadi Government Center.

Coalition Forces responded with small arms fire, heavy machinegun fire, grenades and ground launched precision-guided munitions.

There were no Coalition or civilian casualties as a result of the incident.

Iraqi command and control center opens doors amidst turnover of new territory
BAGHDAD , Iraq (May 4, 2004)–
A state-of-the-art command and control center -- the first of its kind for the Iraqi Army -- officially opened May 3 during a ceremony at the Iraqi Ground Forces Command headquarters at Camp Victory.

The Iraqi Ground Forces Command, or IGFC, is the operational fighting headquarters for the Iraqi Army. Its mission is to exercise command and control of assigned Iraqi Army forces and, upon assuming Operational Control, to plan and direct operations to defeat the insurgency.

The IGFC has administrative control of all 10 Iraqi Army divisions.

The formal opening ceremony and ribbon cutting was hosted by the IGFC commander, Lt. Gen. Abdul-Qadar. The ceremony also featured guest speaker Lt. Gen. Peter Chiarelli, commander of the Multi-National Corps-Iraq.

In another step forward for the Iraqi government and security forces, the Iraqi Army took control of a large portion of Kirkuk battle space May 2.

American and Iraqi Soldiers and leaders celebrated together as Bastogne Soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, 327th Infantry Regiment (“No Slack”), 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division turned over responsibility for much of Kirkuk’s battle space to the 2nd Bn., 2nd Bde., 4th Iraqi Army Div., Nisser Bn.

This marked the second turnover in the area this year.

“This [unit] is ready to fight their fight,” said Maj. Chris Kidd, 2/327th Military Transition Team Chief. “The day has finally arrived and we’re excited it is here.”

Iraqi leaders agreed that the ceremony was a long-anticipated one.

“Since the fall of the old regime, we have been looking forward to this day,” said Col. Malik, commander of the 2/2/4th IA Div. “This is the day Iraqis can lead themselves … and leave the darkness of the old regime.”

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