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List of MP's who voted against the Gurkha's.

This link is the vote that Labour thankfully lost, which attempted to shaft the Gurkha's. A vote by MP's not to let these men settle in the UK. Followed by outright lies by the PM that it would cost us millions. So I have taken a look at every MP who voted against letting the Gurkha troops settle in the UK.

So lets have a look shall we at the Rt. Hon. members that, pay less tax in real terms than workers on £200 a week. No paying the TV licence for them, no council tax, no phone, sky, cable, internet, utility bills, hell even food upto £400 a month; instead they bill all this to the taxpayers.

Everything from cleaning, through to soundproofing, gables and any old rubbish the MP's can dream up.

Yet when it comes to helping OAP's and former servicemen who took up arms for this land, they was their hands like Pilate. No doubt charging us for the soap used to wash their Rt Hon. hands.

First up Derek Wyatt, now Derek loves being a Labour hog with regards his expenses. He also voted to keep 2nd home allowance.
Iain Wright another who has been busy ripping off the taxpayer.
David Wright has been making a packet from cheap rent, he also charged the taxpayer £27 for towels, £86.97 for bedding as well as having his telly license paid for by you.
Phil Woolas what can you say about someone who claimed for nappies?
Rosie Winterton happy to kick out Gurkha's whilst using your money to soundproof her house.
David Winnick claims all his utilities, to lazy to push a hoover about as claims for cleaning and gets his tv license and council tax funded by you. Oh and claimed £60 for gardening on at least 3 occasions.
Phil Wilson likes to spend your money £350 on a sofa bed.
Michael Wills another who claims his utility bills, council tax from the taxpayers.
Alan Williams also voted for 42 days.
Alan Whitehead yet another champagne socialist who gets all his utilities paid, council tax as well as his telly license and hogs the MP food allowance.
Dave Watts claimed for refurbishment to kitchen (£3,543), bathroom (£3,500) and £742 redecoration. Also claimed for £549 Philips LCD 26 in television. Voted to try an cover up MP's sleaze by protecting them from FOI requests.
Tom Watson covered this uber-hoon here, here, here and here
Claire Ward a champagne Labour sow who I covered here an here.
Lynda Waltho claimed £1,680 for food in one year. Billed the taxpayer for £472 bed, £81 sheets, towels and a pillow and £1,022 of electrical equipment. Also claimed for £380 armchair and £8.32 kettle. Voted for MP's to keep the 2nd home allowance, ID cards and 42 days.
Joan Walley who claimed for more than £4,400 of furniture in London flat in 2004-05 and a £195 blanket. In 2005-06, claimed for £1,199 LCD Sony television.
Kitty Ussher who carried out a £17K tax dodge, covered here and of course her house make over at taxpayer expense.
Derek Twigg moved his designated second home from constituency to flat near Parliament in 2004, now claims £1,343 a month in rent. Claimed £110 for an iron and radio in 2005, and £77 for same items two years later. Derek also likes ID cards, covering up FOI requests and being a hoon's hoon.
Desmond Turner is a fan of murdering scumbag Che and also loves fellow scumbag Fidel Castro.
Jon Trickett loves his expenses, especially food and cleaning, he also praised murdering dictator Fidel Castro to the high heavens.
Don Touhig a champagne socialist poacher turned poacher. He claimed £525 for painting and decorating the hallway, landing and stairway in November 2006 and another £715 on remedial work to the house, including waterproofing the joists.
Mark Todd wants to save money by kicking out Gurkha OAP's whilst spending your cash on a marble table.
Emily Thornberry who sadly signed EDM 982 - link to the EDM page
Dari Taylor another one who loves Fidel & Che, he voted for 42 days and to cover up MP sleaze.
Mark Tami loves his expenses, you name it he has claimed it. Sadly he thinks that the taxpayers money should go to him not former Gurkha OAP's.
Gerry Sutcliffe claimed for mortgage interest on constituency home in Bingley. Claimed £3,790 for fitted bedroom, £2,616 for new gutters and sofit boards, and £1,745 for two sofas. He also has a problem with FoI requests, loves ID cards and is a total hoon.
Graham Stringer a thick loudmouthed twat who claimed that dyslexia is a myth. What a cnut!
Jack Straw a tools tools, a hoon of weapons grade dimensions. Nothing more needs to be said on him.
Howard Stoate another grasping MP, who loves the DIY expenses.
Ian Stewart loves Che, voting to cover up MP expenses and being a New Labour nodding donkey MP.
Phyllis Starkey voted to keep the 2nd home allowance, 42 days and to stick the knife into Gurkha troops. This MP also claims council tax back and their utilities and claims £40 cleaning. Evidently to lazy to push a hoover around the office.
John Spellar a regular hogger of the MP food allowance, he claims his utilities and cleaning - again to lazy to shove a hoover around the office! He also thinks he deserves free telly as he claimed his tv license in his expenses. Plus he charged us £600 for "1 day tree works"....
Helen Southworth Claimed £709 for a television, £259 for an air conditioning unit and £239 for a Dyson cleaner. Nice work if you can get it, yet she thinks there is no spare more for Gurkha OAP's?...
John Smith a lazy champagne socialist from the valleys, proof if it were needed than inbreeding is still rife in parts of Wales. He loves his expenses claims does John.
Jacqui Smith go's without saying, she loves barring folk does Jackboot, from Geert Wilders to OAP soldiers.
Geraldine Smith who spent £235 on picture and £185 on mirror for London flat in August 2005. Bought a Bali table lamp, floor lamp and three cushions for total of £620 one month later. Also likes the food allowance which explains why she has a fat arse!
Andrew Slaughter another who likes Fidel, Che, voted for 42 days, gets a boner from ID cards.
Dennis Skinner another aged corrupt commie who likes charging the taxpayer.
Siôn Simon a useless twat in a hat. He also claimed £5,400 stamp duty, regularly grabs the full £400 MP food allowance and like others is to lazy to push a hoover around his office. Far easier to charge cleaning to the taxpayers.
Jim Sheridan who blagged a plasma telly thanks to the taxpayers.
Barry Sheerman another troughligate MP.
Jonathan R Shaw claims his council tax, telly licence and loads more off the taxpayer.
Virendra Sharma another one who loves Fidel & Che.
Alison Seabeck another who loves the expenses, no council tax for her. Also she charges cleaning to the taxpayer as well, no hoovering for this Rt Hon. Member.
Mohammad Sarwar a rather dubious sort as his expenses show.
Joan Ryan another Blair babe exposed as a Blair piggy.
Christine Russell another who claims the food allowance, sees it as her God given right to rape the taxpayers by claiming her utility bills back including the TV licence. £63.40 on one claim for drycleaning. I thought that was why we paid MP's a wage so they could cover that themselves? We also paid for an ironing board for her.
Joan Ruddock the minister for bins putting her name to yet more rubbish.
Chris Ruane another time serving hatstand of an MP who loves his expenses.
Lindsay Roy the shifty MP who "won" the dubious Glenrothes by-election.
Frank Roy is another who blags the food allowance, claims his utilities and even charged us £265 for a blocked waste disposal unit. Has he not heard of home insurance?
Terry Rooney spent £1,915 on household items, including a £219 fridge, a £239.99 washing machine, £358.45 for a new shower and labour and a £687 replacement cooker. Plus utilities, food etc etc. Oink oink oink.
Geoffrey Robinson voted for 42 days, so trying to stick it to the Gurkhas is about right for him.
Ken Purchase a St Georges Day hater. Yet another fat champagne socialist.
Dawn Primarolo a typical National Socialist Labour MP.
Gordon Prentice an authoritarian bell end.
James Plaskitt likes ID cards, voted to keep the 2nd home allowance. A typical New Labour rubber stamp MP.
Ian Pearson Dudley South MP Ian Pearson claimed £150,481 in expenses.
Albert Owen another piggy who loves the taxpayer high life.
Bill Olner another one who loves Che, a chap who can not make his mind up. Bill Olner said in the Nuneaton News on Friday “Finally, I would like to say how delighted I am about the announcement for the Gurkhas. To be honest I felt a bit guilty that I voted along with the government…” - So a commie and a coward as well.
Mike O'Brien another who voted to keep the 2nd home allowance, he also paid more than £700 a year to an accountant for advice on his tax returns - and claimed it back off the taxpayer. He also claimed £3,000 in household items including furniture and electrical items
Dan Norris a grafting fuck who had his septic tank emptied and bought an electric garden strimmer and mower on Parliamentary expenses.
Doug Naysmith claims all his utilitys and also charged the taxpayers for bed linen and £40 for crockery/glassware.
Paul Murphy who "splashed out" more than £3,000 on a new hot water system for his second home, explaining in a letter to the parliamentary fees office that his water was too hot.
Jim Murphy and fanboy of Che, who also voted to try and cover up FoI requests, he also does bugger all for Scotland.
Denis Murphy a Che fanboy who like Jimmy above also tried to cover up FoI requests, likes the 2nd home allowance and ID cards. In 2006 he claimed £429.92 for a dressing table, bedside chest and a double wardrobe. In March 2006 he claimed £963.55 for a rug and curtains and bedding and curtains. In March 2005 he submitted a claim for £1,200 for repairing part of his hallway and redecorating.
Meg Munn is another grafting hoon who milks the system.
Chris Mullin blagged a 16.07 desk tidy, wall clock, batteries and paper for his Parliamentary office. Taxpayers also footed the bill for his black-and-white £45.50 TV licence, and £378 for his daily newspapers. To clean his carpets he submitted a £34.42 invoice and to install beach wood shelves cost the public £220.
George Mudie claimed £62,000 in expenses for his London flat in four years, while having a mortgage of just £26,000. I mocked this speccy hoon here.
Elliot Morley shhhhhhhhh don't mention the mortgage.
Jessica Morden a rubber stamp MP who has never voted against the party.
Margaret Moran who has robbed like a pikey in an OAP's home. And so I mocked her graft.
Chris Mole a hoon without a sense of humour. Oh the local paper has his expenses.
Andrew Miller claimed his parking ground rent, utilities, food, cleaning, you name it he claims it.
Alan Milburn realised the game was up and is standing out as an MP. Good riddance and all that.
Alun Michael claimed £4,800 for food in one year, and £2,600 for repairs to his roof at his constituency home in Penarth. He also claimed for the £1,250 cost of repairing a wall and building a 13ft chain link fence.
Tony McNulty has been ripped a new one.
Rosemary McKenna claimed £1895 for work on a shower in her Westminster flat, £1633 for new carpet and flooring, £254 for an air-conditioning unit and £1600 on furntiture.
Ann McKechin gosh what a lot we have for her £9.90 on furnishings, all her utilities, another £25 on furnishings, £24.99 on furnishings, council tax, her tv license, even £15.55p to get her mail redirected. Plus £44.98p on more furnishings.
James McGovern voted to keep the 2nd homes fiddle and keep MP's safe from FoI requests.
Patrick McFadden submitted claims for food, often up to the maximum of £400 a month, as well as charging for utilities, telephone bills and Sky TV.
Siobhain McDonagh had a communications expenditure, larger than that of any other London MP, had been criticised by the TaxPayers’ Alliance as an effort to “churn out propaganda to butter up the electorate”.
Sarah McCarthy-Fry who thinks hair straightners are more important than Gurkhas
Kerry McCarthy likes spending taxpayers cash on linen but not Gurkhas.
Stephen McCabe who amongst other things over claimed on his mortgage, a mistake I am sure.
Thomas McAvoy another champagne socialist who has a member of his family on the payroll and who voted to cover MP's from FoI requests.
Eric Martlew claimed £19 for a poppy day wreath, as well as covering all the utilities, expenses and shit that is "within the rules".
Shahid Malik who is nothing more than a thieving Ali Baba.
Fiona Mactaggart ckaims all her utilities, charges the taxpayer for cleaning being to tight to pay it out of her wages or lazy to put a hoover about herself. Oh an whilst her voters struggle to pay the council tax she claims it off the taxpayers.
Andrew Love another do nothing, claim on all Labour drone.
Tom Levitt a typical Israel bashing Labour MP.
David Lepper claimed his telly license, utilities and also some towels as well as £7 for a clock radio.
Bob Laxton, sees a nice telly as important but not helping or supporting the Gurkhas
David "mastermind" Lammy who is not known for his intellect
Stephen Ladyman who is as shifty as they come
David Kidney who claimed it was all an error, honest guv.
Sadiq Khan a pro jihadist, islamoloon fucknut.
Jane Kennedy claims for cleaning, council tax, her utility bills, blags the food allowance etc etc etc.
Ruth Kelly who sees the taxpayers as a cashcow
Ann Keen and Alan Keen a pair of uber-hoons.
Barbara Keeley claimed for towels. Stamp duty etc etc etc.
Sally Keeble £950 to have her bathroom done up.
Gerald Kaufman claims he has OCD in order to excuse expenses fiddles.
Eric Joyce running up the old expenses.
Tessa Jowell loads of expenses and a piss poor apology
Kevan Jones is a liar, a non job bean counter who produces fag packet maths with no facts to back them up. He claimed the Gurkhas would next demand equal pensions and would cost £1 billion and £500 million a year. Prove the figures Kevan.
Helen Jones claimed a sandstone coloured chair, £285 February 2007 washing machine repair, £124 September 2005 curtains, £62.50 May 2004 cooking pot, £44.95 May 2004 bookcase, plus all the other MP perks.
Diana Johnson claims for kitchen equipment, sod the Gurkhas just so long as she has fancy pots and pans.
Alan Johnson costs us a fortune in expenses and is soft on crime.
Brian Jenkins a loud mouthed bully who resorts to the threat of libel laws when questioned by voters.
Huw Irranca-Davies billed us £150 for a case of House of Commons whisky!
Adam Ingram a rather expensive Rt Hon. piggy.
Brian Iddon an old style commie who loves Fidel and Che, as well as milking expenses. Claimed his telly license, very socialist of Brian I am sure.
John Hutton a classic turd.
Beverley Hughes has realised the expenses game is over and is buggering off.
Kim Howells likes his food, crap as an MP but loves his food especially as we fund it.
George Howarth who claimed £1,000 for a chest of drawers which was reduced by the fees office to £500, and £20 for a colander. MP said he had bought the drawers as “they were the only ones that matched” his furniture.
Phil Hope who spent more than £10,000 in one year refurbishing a small London flat. He has promised to pay back £41,000 to the taxpayer
Sharon Hodgson who had a claim for a £999 TV queried. Fees office said it was “luxurious” item
Keith Hill who took the maximum London suppliment, well of course he did.
Patricia Hewitt who is leaving the graft of politics to spend more time with her directorships.
Stephen Hesford who thinks that getting a bathroom paid for is the job of an MP. In 2005-6 he put through a £5,599 bill for a new bathroom and challenged the fees office when told the most he would be allowed was £3,500.
John Heppell blags £2019 a month in mortgage interest and £576 in service charges.
Stephen Hepburn who in 2007-08 claimed the same amount, £1,923, every month. This included £690 mortgage interest, £380 on food, £200 on council tax and £190 on cleaning, all without receipts
Mark Hendrick who makes guessimates with his figures.
John Healey who thinks that he is entitled to a fancy new front door.
Dai Havard who has cashed in nicely on MP perks.
Tom Harris shows he deserves his title.
Harriet Harman no amount of taxpayer funded media training can turn this pigs ear into a silk purse.
David Hanson who values scented candles over the Gurkhas.
David Hamilton who claimed £1,710 for decorating at second home in London. Other claims included £199 for lighting, £165 for mirrors, £200 for bedding and £180 on kitchen utensils
Peter Hain who has "helped the police with their enquies" on occasions charged his log store to the taxpayer
Andrew Gwynne who made monthly mortgage interest payments of £779 in 2006 and 2007, which rose to £1,248 in 2008. Submitted receipt for £27.97 clock radio from Tesco!
John Grogan bills utilities and designates a flat in Bayswater, west London, as second home and claims £1,560 a month in rent.
Nigel Griffiths who likes to have sex in the House of Commons an claim expenses.
Nia Griffith who lept for joy after being elected, then bought flat near Westminster soon after being elected, and claimed £9,533 in fees and stamp duty. Claimed £2,270 for “complete redecoration” and £2,997 in furnishings.
Helen Goodman who loves the free holidays and claims.
Paul Goggins the Northern Ireland Minister, claimed almost £45,000 for a "second home", while a friend lived there rent-free
Linda Gilroy said that she was paying back £1,891. Her designated second home is a flat in Dolphin Square, London, where she claims £1,450 a month in rent. Claims £15 most months for cleaning and utilities. In 2005-6 had to repay £468 after being allowed to spend too much.
Bruce George claimed £3,136 for central heating and pipework, and £760 on carpets at his second home in London. Also claimed £3,738. 85 for decorating.
Barry Gardiner seems to be under the misguided illusion that he has done nothing wrong.
Hywel Francis who thinks that his claims for stamp duty £3,000, £549 for a chair and £325 for a bookcase are more important that Gurkhas.
Michael Jabez Foster loads of duties, utilities etc etc.
Michael Foster has a relative on the gravy train.
Robert Flello a New Labour hatstand MP, best known for taking over the rent of London flat from predecessor as MP, George Stevenson, and paying him £750 for some contents after being elected in 2005,
Jeff Ennis oh dear, what can we say?
Natascha Engel who supports herself by getting a sofa off of the taxpayers.
Louise Ellman who thinks blowing of other people on six “leather effect” dining chairs from John Lewis, at £594.
Clive Efford not much on this one, a rubber stamp MP voting for whatever is fed to him.
Maria Eagle who claimed thousands of pounds on refurbishing a bathroom at one of her flats just months before switching her designated second home to a property with a higher mortgage!
Angela Eagle who earns her pay sending out stock letters for MP's to send out.
David Drew famous for doing very little.
Jim Dowd like Mr Drew famous for sod all.
Frank Doran thinks claiming £1,200 for work on his trees is good use of taxpayer money.
Brian H Donohoe likes to park his backside on a sofa that you paid for.
Frank Dobson who attempted to block exposure of expenses - arguing he was merely being scapegoated. He also supported the Speaker in allowing a warrant-less search of the offices of a member of parliament, Damien Green
Andrew Dismore a red commie of the old school, who believes the public should fund his Fidel loving ways.
Parmjit Dhanda charged you for his hoover.
John Denham who claimed £2,792 to damp proof bathroom wall in 2007.
Janet Dean claimed £60 to dispose of old furniture from second home in London. Also claimed £145 Dyson vacuum cleaner in February 2008
Quentin Davies BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!! A Tory sheep in Labour clothing and talking of sheep, anyway I won't bleat on about this one....
Ian Davidson charges the taxpayer for all sorts of things.
Wayne David who claimed £225 for crockery, £210 for rugs and mats and £630 for three chests of drawers.
Alistair Darling a badger faced hoon.
Tony Cunningham had to pay back £399.50 to the fees office after he wrongly claimed for accountant on his expenses
John Cummings submitted £2,036 bill for replacing condemned gas fire, £3,220 for new kitchen and £1,344 for renovating stairs and hall
Mary Creagh claimed £9,000 for stamp duty and £1,184 for solicitors fees. Claimed £4,480 for new roof
David Crausby was allowed to borrow an additional £25,000 on his mortgage to refurbish his kitchen and bathroom last year. This boosted his mortgage interest claim by £400 a month
Jim Cousins claimed £1,000 for the removal of ivy from building and garden. Claim for £30 parking permit rejected, a shame but now he knows what we have to pay for in the real world.
Yvette Cooper an Ed Balls “flipped” the designation of their second home to three different properties within two years.
Rosie Cooper claimed for sweets.
Ann Coffey claimed £1,052 in furniture and bedding and £40 a month for a TV package in 2005
Vernon Coaker a greedy snooping fucker.
Ann Clwyd claimed £2,300 for carpets, tables and a chair.
David Clelland a tosspott who tells voters they can "stick your vote"!
Tom Clarke designated the Sloane Club in Chelsea as second home, and claimed about £1,500 a month while in London. Claimed £400 a month for food.
Paul Clark claimed for food and gardening. Flipped his expenses after claiming the £900 a month mortgage interest for his house in Kent
Colin Challen sold his London flat to his senior researcher but carried on renting it for a nightly fee.
Alan Campbell sells out the public.
David Cairns claimed the £1,300-£1,400 a month interest on the mortgage of the north London flat that he shares with his civil partner. Also claimed for food, cleaning, council tax and other bills.
Dawn Butler the MP who loves Obama.
Chris Bryant the minister for underpants.
Des Browne claimed £5,822 for furnishings and carpets at his second home in London
Russell Brown claimed for his rented second home in London included £1,368.88 on carpets and floor covering, £898 on two armchairs and £4,500 for a replacement bathroom
Nick Brown claimed £18,800, without receipts, in expenses for food over four years.
Lyn Brown a do nothing MP.
Gordon Brown aka Cyclops.Words fail on this man, they really do.
Kevin Brennan shows that Cardiff deserves better.
Ben Bradshaw thinks unemployment can be good for people.
David Borrow finds ever more ways of wasting your cash
Hazel Blears a poisonous red pelted dwarf.
Roberta Blackman-Woods claims lots of nice perks off the plebs.
Liz Blackman provides poor value for money
Joe Benton In 2005 he claimed £400 a month for food during the summer recess and in 2008 spent £1,500 on repairs to his second home
Stuart Bell(end) designated his second home as a flat in London and claimed £1,400 a month rent
Anne Begg spent £1,403 on living room furniture in her London flat and £500 on Devonshire carpets for two bedrooms
Margaret Beckett a horse in human form.
Hugh Bayley decided flat in London rather than York should be second home and claimed £1,177 monthly mortgage interest. Later, he claimed York as second home
Gordon Banks a hoons hoon.
Edward Balls(up) loves to flip his abode.
Vera Baird loves your money.
Ian Austin stick it all on expenses comrade.
Charlotte Atkins fleeces the public then calls in the police when one of them dares to complain.
Hilary Armstrong had her home done up at your expense.
Janet Anderson drives around the world.
Graham Allen a fat taxpayer looting hog.
Douglas Alexander and his home funded by you.
Bob "the knob" Ainsworth laughingly called a "Defence Sec.", spent thousands on fine goods for his home.
Nick Ainger likes furniture, especially when we pay for it.

So despite the public support for the Gurkha's, all these MP's thought that voting with the leader far more important than public opinion. Far better for them to preserve their perks and privilages than do the right thing.

As for the MP's who abstained on that vote, they are scum as well.

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banned said...

I'm going to have a proper look at this list tonight meanwhile, they lost, big time and very publicly.
Hope they are all crying into their troughs.

Godbotherer said...

Trust Timms to be there.They have no problem housing illegals in his constituancy.Back Garden sheds and garages are being pressed into service as rentable accomodation.
Another one of his inspired outbursts of drivel was this.
Thank you, British Muslims – Timms
By Dr. Mozammel Haque Saudi Gazette
LONDON – Britain’s Labor MP Stephen Timms praised Muslims for bringing back faith into Britain.
“When parts of our society are so deeply secular, so hostile to the acknowledgment of God, I want today to express appreciation and thanks to Muslims in Britain for insisting on faith,” said the Minister for Business and Labour MP for East Ham at the Global Peace and Unity Event organized by Islam Channel last week.
“(I want to thank Muslims) for helping put faith back today at the centre of Britain’s national life and debate in a way that it wasn’t for a very long time.
“You are part of the reason for that change, and I warmly welcome it,” he added.
He urged Muslims to take up politics.
“We need more people taking up politics from the starting point of faith. Because faith is the source of decent values (like) honesty, commitment to family, generosity, support for peace,” Timms said. “(We need such) decent values which the Muslim community shows in abundance.”
“Those are the very values which we need in our politics, and which this event can help us to promote,” he added.
In an earlier BBC program, Stephen Timms visited two mosques, two churches, a Hindu temple and a Sikh Gurudwara and highlighted the positive contribution the faith groups were making towards cohesion

bathmate said...

I liked it.