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Worthless dole scum(living off the infidel tax payers) terrorist Abu Hamza & his family still on kufir benefits.

Yes terrorist vermin shit Abu Hamza's family are still living off of generous kufir state benefits. Yes the islamonazi untermenchen Hamza may be serving 7 years, but his family of ilsamoscum filths benefit wallahs are living high off the hog(pardon the expression). Mind I do hope that Hamza has found a real love higher than that of Islam in jail with Big Ron on C wing, let us just hope that his visions of paraise with Allah have been dashed by large amounts of anal rape in the shower block.

Never mind that terrorist Hamza has 250K+ stashed away from us infidel Kuffir, the worthless Dept of Work & pensions seems to turn a blind eye to his wife Naqjat Chaffe and the 8(yes that is eight future terrorists most likely.. sprogs she produced before goat fucker Hamza was sent down) that the rest of us infedals have to pay for. Oh and no investigation as to their involvement in benefit fraud. No after all we shall investigate white folks, and most other folks, even pikeys, but muslims oh no. Well what else is expected from New Labour, if your white then you are worth jack fucking shit, if however you can play the jew hating terrorist card the world is yours, Inshalla!

Yep the terrorist plotting clan get a wacking great 680 quid a week in benefits from the infidels, mind you backbench Tory MP Greg Hands has written to pensions minister demanding an investigation. Well done Greg Hands MP. Make the fucker work to support her future terrorists.

Oh the DWP(wonder if the D stands for Dhimmi) refused to discuss her benefits.

**Ask me the bitch should work and apologise for her shit of husbands behaviour. Hell kick the lazy bitch and her parasite offspring out of the UK



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