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The cunt list: The MP's who disgraced this nation and voted for 42 days.

AYES (or as I have called it, the cunt list)

These people have been bought, many Labour MP's have taken the thirty pieces of proverbial silver. There is a story that one wanted us to reduce sanctions against Cuba. Fucking Cuba, does the MP in question not realise that this act is helping to turn us into a despotic hole like Cuba, but sadly without either the sunshine or the sodding banannas.

They are fucking scum, the fucking lot of them.

Ainger, Nick Cunt
Ainsworth, rh Mr. Bob Cunt
Alexander, rh Mr. Douglas Cunt
Allen, Mr. Graham Cunt
Anderson, Mr. David Cunt
Anderson, Janet Cunt
Armstrong, rh Hilary Cunt
Austin, Mr. Ian Cunt
Bailey, Mr. Adrian Cunt
Baird, Vera Cunt
Balls, rh Ed Cunt
Banks, Gordon Cunt
Barlow, Ms Celia Cunt
Barron, rh Mr. Kevin Cunt
Battle, rh John Cunt
Bayley, Hugh Cunt
Beckett, rh Margaret Cunt
Begg, Miss Anne Cunt
Bell, Sir Stuart Cunt
Benn, rh Hilary Cunt
Benton, Mr. Joe Cunt
Berry, Roger Cunt
Betts, Mr. Clive Cunt
Blackman, Liz Cunt
Blackman-Woods, Dr. Roberta Cunt
Blears, rh Hazel Cunt
Blizzard, Mr. Bob Cunt
Blunkett, rh Mr. David Cunt
Borrow, Mr. David S. Cunt
Bradshaw, Mr. Ben Cunt
Brennan, Kevin Cunt
Brown, rh Mr. Gordon Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt, you get this gist of my hate for this amoral fucking turd.
Brown, Lyn Cunt
Brown, rh Mr. Nicholas Cunt
Brown, Mr. Russell Cunt
Browne, rh Des Cunt
Bryant, Chris Cunt
Burgon, Colin Cunt
Burnham, rh Andy Cunt
Butler, Ms Dawn Cunt
Byers, rh Mr. Stephen Cunt
Byrne, Mr. Liam Cunt
Caborn, rh Mr. Richard Cunt
Cairns, David Cunt
Campbell, Mr. Alan Cunt
Campbell, Mr. Gregory Cunt
Campbell, Mr. Ronnie Cunt
Cawsey, Mr. Ian Cunt
Challen, Colin Cunt
Chapman, Ben Cunt
Chaytor, Mr. David Cunt
Clapham, Mr. Michael Cunt
Clark, Paul Cunt
Clarke, rh Mr. Charles Cunt
Clarke, rh Mr. Tom Cunt
Clelland, Mr. David Cunt
Clwyd, rh Ann Cunt
Coaker, Mr. Vernon Cunt
Coffey, Ann Cunt
Connarty, Michael Cunt
Cooper, Rosie Cunt
Cooper, rh Yvette Cunt
Crausby, Mr. David Cunt
Creagh, Mary Cunt
Cruddas, Jon Cunt
Cryer, Mrs. Ann Cunt
Cummings, John Cunt
Cunningham, Mr. Jim Cunt
Cunningham, Tony Cunt
Curtis-Thomas, Mrs. Claire Cunt
Darling, rh Mr. Alistair Cunt
David, Mr. Wayne Cunt
Davidson, Mr. Ian Cunt
Davies, Mr. Dai Cunt
Davies, Mr. Quentin Cunt
Dean, Mrs. Janet Cunt
Denham, rh Mr. John Cunt
Devine, Mr. Jim Cunt
Dhanda, Mr. Parmjit Cunt
Dobbin, Jim Cunt
Dodds, Mr. Nigel Cunt
Donaldson, rh Mr. Jeffrey M. Cunt
Donohoe, Mr. Brian H. Cunt
Doran, Mr. Frank Cunt
Dowd, Jim Cunt
Eagle, Angela Cunt
Eagle, Maria Cunt
Efford, Clive Cunt
Ellman, Mrs. Louise Cunt
Engel, Natascha Cunt
Ennis, Jeff Cunt
Field, rh Mr. Frank Cunt
Fitzpatrick, Jim Cunt
Flello, Mr. Robert Cunt
Flint, rh Caroline Cunt
Follett, Barbara Cunt
Foster, Mr. Michael (Worcester) Cunt
Foster, Michael Jabez (Hastings and Rye) Cunt
Francis, Dr. Hywel Cunt
Gapes, Mike Cunt
Gardiner, Barry Cunt
George, rh Mr. Bruce Cunt
Gilroy, Linda Cunt
Goggins, Paul Cunt
Goodman, Helen Cunt
Griffith, Nia Cunt
Griffiths, Nigel Cunt
Gwynne, Andrew Cunt
Hain, rh Mr. Peter Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt, a dubious shifty perma tanned cunt.
Hall, Mr. Mike Cunt
Hall, Patrick Cunt
Hamilton, Mr. David Cunt
Hamilton, Mr. Fabian Cunt
Hanson, rh Mr. David Cunt
Harman, rh Ms Harriet Cunt
Harris, Mr. Tom Cunt
Healey, John Cunt
Henderson, Mr. Doug Cunt
Hendrick, Mr. Mark Cunt
Hepburn, Mr. Stephen Cunt
Heppell, Mr. John Cunt
Hermon, Lady Cunt
Hesford, Stephen Cunt
Hewitt, rh Ms Patricia Cunt
Heyes, David Cunt
Hill, rh Keith Cunt
Hillier, Meg Cunt
Hodge, rh Margaret Cunt
Hodgson, Mrs. Sharon Cunt
Hood, Mr. Jim Cunt
Hoon, rh Mr. Geoffrey Cunt
Hope, Phil Cunt
Howarth, rh Mr. George Cunt
Howells, Dr. Kim Cunt
Hoyle, Mr. Lindsay Cunt
Hughes, rh Beverley Cunt
Humble, Mrs. Joan Cunt
Hutton, rh Mr. John Cunt
Iddon, Dr. Brian Cunt
Illsley, Mr. Eric Cunt
Ingram, rh Mr. Adam Cunt
Irranca-Davies, Huw Cunt
James, Mrs. Siân C. Cunt
Jenkins, Mr. Brian Cunt
Johnson, rh Alan Cunt
Johnson, Ms Diana R. Cunt
Jones, Helen Cunt
Jones, Mr. Kevan Cunt
Jones, Mr. Martyn Cunt
Jowell, rh Tessa Cunt
Joyce, Mr. Eric Cunt
Kaufman, rh Sir Gerald Cunt
Keeble, Ms Sally Cunt
Keeley, Barbara Cunt
Keen, Alan Cunt
Keen, Ann Cunt
Kelly, rh Ruth Cunt
Kemp, Mr. Fraser Cunt
Kennedy, rh Jane Cunt
Khan, Mr. Sadiq Cunt
Kidney, Mr. David Cunt
Knight, Jim Cunt
Kumar, Dr. Ashok Cunt
Ladyman, Dr. Stephen Cunt
Lammy, Mr. David Cunt
Laxton, Mr. Bob Cunt
Lazarowicz, Mark Cunt
Lepper, David Cunt
Levitt, Tom Cunt
Lewis, Mr. Ivan Cunt
Linton, Martin Cunt
Lloyd, Tony Cunt
Love, Mr. Andrew Cunt
Lucas, Ian Cunt
MacDougall, Mr. John Cunt
MacShane, rh Mr. Denis Cunt - the man is so much of a cunt that even cunts shun him.
Mactaggart, Fiona Cunt
Mahmood, Mr. Khalid Cunt
Malik, Mr. Shahid Cunt
Mallaber, Judy Cunt
Mann, John Cunt
Marris, Rob Cunt
Marsden, Mr. Gordon Cunt
Martlew, Mr. Eric Cunt
McAvoy, rh Mr. Thomas Cunt
McCafferty, Chris Cunt
McCarthy, Kerry Cunt
McCarthy-Fry, Sarah Cunt
McCartney, rh Mr. Ian Cunt
McCrea, Dr. William Cunt
McDonagh, Siobhain Cunt
McFadden, Mr. Pat Cunt
McFall, rh John Cunt
McGovern, Mr. Jim Cunt
McGuire, Mrs. Anne Cunt
McIsaac, Shona Cunt
McKechin, Ann Cunt
McKenna, Rosemary Cunt
McNulty, rh Mr. Tony Cunt
Meale, Mr. Alan Cunt
Merron, Gillian Cunt
Michael, rh Alun Cunt
Milburn, rh Mr. Alan Cunt
Miliband, rh David Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt (and more, so, so much more besides.)
Miliband, rh Edward Cunt
Miller, Andrew Cunt
Mitchell, Mr. Austin Cunt
Moffat, Anne Cunt
Moffatt, Laura Cunt
Mole, Chris Cunt
Moon, Mrs. Madeleine Cunt
Moran, Margaret Cunt
Morden, Jessica - (She shall not be called one, if only for the fact that a/ she always votes for the government no matter what and b/ she really is to stupid to understand her actions on democracy here in the UK....No just joking: Cunt )
Morley, rh Mr. Elliot Cunt
Mountford, Kali Cunt
Mudie, Mr. George Cunt
Munn, Meg Cunt
Murphy, Mr. Denis Cunt
Murphy, Mr. Jim Cunt
Murphy, rh Mr. Paul Cunt
Norris, Dan Cunt
O'Brien, Mr. Mike Cunt
Olner, Mr. Bill Cunt
Osborne, Sandra Cunt
Owen, Albert Cunt
Paisley, rh Rev. Ian Cunt
Palmer, Dr. Nick Cunt
Pearson, Ian Cunt
Plaskitt, Mr. James Cunt
Pope, Mr. Greg Cunt
Pound, Stephen Cunt
Prentice, Bridget Cunt
Prescott, rh Mr. John Cunt
Primarolo, rh Dawn Cunt
Prosser, Gwyn Cunt
Purchase, Mr. Ken Cunt
Purnell, rh James Cunt
Rammell, Bill Cunt
Reed, Mr. Andy Cunt
Reed, Mr. Jamie Cunt
Reid, rh John Cunt
Robertson, John Cunt
Robinson, Mr. Geoffrey Cunt
Robinson, Mrs. Iris Cunt
Robinson, rh Mr. Peter Cunt
Rooney, Mr. Terry Cunt
Roy, Mr. Frank Cunt
Ruane, Chris Cunt
Ruddock, Joan Cunt
Russell, Christine Cunt
Ryan, rh Joan Cunt
Salter, Martin Cunt
Sarwar, Mr. Mohammad Cunt
Seabeck, Alison Cunt
Sharma, Mr. Virendra Cunt
Shaw, Jonathan Cunt
Sheerman, Mr. Barry Cunt
Sheridan, Jim Cunt who thinks that this is fine and fucking dandy, after all it won't harm hard-working British families, just those who have a touch of the tar brush about them. Fucking cunt.
Simon, Mr. Siôn Cunt
Simpson, David Cunt
Singh, Mr. Marsha Cunt
Skinner, Mr. Dennis Cunt
Slaughter, Mr. Andy Cunt
Smith, rh Mr. Andrew Cunt
Smith, Ms Angela C. (Sheffield, Hillsborough) Cunt
Smith, Angela E. (Basildon) Cunt
Smith, Geraldine Cunt
Smith, rh Jacqui Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt Cunt, a dim witted, bovine faced, slack jawed yokel of a Home Sec. So dumb that she has to be guided at each step, the woman is fit only for eating kebabs. Where she not an MP she would be something like a retarded version of Shannon Matthews mother, the cunt)
Smith, John Cunt
Snelgrove, Anne Cunt
Soulsby, Sir Peter Cunt
Southworth, Helen Cunt
Spellar, rh Mr. John Cunt
Spink, Bob Cunt
Starkey, Dr. Phyllis Cunt
Stewart, Ian Cunt
Stoate, Dr. Howard Cunt
Strang, rh Dr. Gavin Cunt
Straw, rh Mr. Jack Cunt
Stringer, Graham Cunt
Stuart, Ms Gisela Cunt
Sutcliffe, Mr. Gerry Cunt
Tami, Mark Cunt
Taylor, Ms Dari Cunt
Taylor, David Cunt
Thomas, Mr. Gareth Cunt
Timms, rh Mr. Stephen Cunt
Tipping, Paddy Cunt
Touhig, rh Mr. Don Cunt
Trickett, Jon Cunt
Turner, Dr. Desmond Cunt
Turner, Mr. Neil Cunt
Twigg, Derek Cunt
Ussher, Kitty Cunt
Vaz, rh Keith Cunt
Walley, Joan Cunt
Waltho, Lynda Cunt
Watson, Mr. Tom Cunt
Watts, Mr. Dave Cunt
Whitehead, Dr. Alan Cunt
Wicks, Malcolm Cunt
Widdecombe, rh Miss Ann Cunt who should know far better.
Williams, rh Mr. Alan Cunt
Williams, Mrs. Betty Cunt
Wills, Mr. Michael Cunt
Wilson, Phil Cunt
Wilson, Sammy Cunt
Winterton, rh Ms Rosie Cunt
Woodward, rh Mr. Shaun Cunt
Woolas, Mr. Phil Cunt
Wright, Mr. Anthony Cunt
Wright, David Cunt
Wright, Mr. Iain Cunt
Wright, Dr. Tony Cunt
Wyatt, Derek Cunt
Tellers for the Ayes:

Steve McCabe Cunt and Claire Ward Cunt

To all the above who put their name to this vile paper I say fuck you all, your all fucking scum.

I shall quote the blogger Prodicus who said: link
These people are not fit to bear the sobriquet Honourable Member. They are utterly dishonourable. They are beneath contempt.
I have taken great pleasure in calling each involved a cunt, the lowest of the lowest, vile beasts not fit for the title or office of MP...

**Update, should any of the cunts featured feel in any way upset, annoyed, or miffed, well good.

If they feel the further need to speak to me and be called a cunt(again) or to apologise for their actions in selling out the UK, they can call me on 07913952884(about 1pm when I am on lunch)

9 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

I can locate my dishonourable bastard of an M.P., (Fraser fucking Kemp) - but wheres comrade Flynn???

Don't tell me he turned down Cuba, on a matter of Marxist principle.

Is he sickening for something?

Perish the thought!!

Fidothedog said...

Flynn voted against, sorry should have put the nays up along with the cunts.

First decent thing he has done in years, or maybe he just forgot what he was doing...

Anonymous said...

you's smell like my dead cat. Maybe the world would be so much better if you just got plowed right in the anus you slimy mother fucker! Fuckoff wooki!

Fidothedog said...

Oh a well thought out reply from some back bench labour Mp there, who no doubt thinks that he(Paul) or she (Jessica) are oh so fucking clever by posting anon.

I have to ask why you have a dead cat? Maybe burying the cat might be a good idea, or do you have it in your second home Mr Flynn?...

Anonymous said...


Yep He's a Cunt!

Fidothedog said...

Anon remember not to vote for your cunt of an MP.

Anonymous said...

Mole, Chris is there. And yes He's a cunt.

Jeremy Clarkson should stand.

Fidothedog said...

Anon if I could be fucked I would add another cunt in front of his name just for you, but as I can not I wont and so will settle for just calling the cunt a cunt....the cunt

Amusing Bunni said...

They are all a bunch of cunts, I'd say. Esp. that anonymous twat too!