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Gordon Brown(...is a cunt) & plans speed limiting devices - another stealth tax on the motorist.

Here we go again. 

I spot some more tax raising powers soon to be put on the statute books by New Labour. Found at the Pravda sorry the BBC site: Link.
Speed-limiting devices should be fitted to cars on a voluntary basis to help save lives and cut carbon emissions, according to a new report.
You watch the cunts pull a trial, then say that we all need one in the motor asap. After all the Peruvian whelk has to be saved and so they will work out a cost and behold:


Before you know it we will all need one, then they will say that anyone who doesn't have one can be fined and have their car seized as per rules on car tax.

But best bit of this arsegravy report from the Pravda sorry BBC is this one:
The government's transport advisers claim the technology would cut road accidents with injuries by 29%.
Where do they get that figure? Why not 30 or 10. What proof do they have, oh I get it we have to take the BBC's word on trust. Yeah right, thats as trustworthy as HM Govt stats on knife crime. 

Now far be from me to be cynical but can we really trust advisors to HM Govt who are dependent on HM Govt for their weekly wage?
The device automatically slows a car down to within the limit for the road on which it is being driven.

But charity Safe Speed says the devices are dangerous because they encourage drivers to enter a "zombie mode".
Ministers are planning to help councils draw up digital maps with details of the legal speed on every road.

The speed-limiting devices will then use satellite positioning to check a vehicle's location and when its speed exceeds the limit, power will be reduced and the brakes applied if necessary.

Now hang on a fucking moment at the start of this Pravda sorry BBC stated this was a "voluntary basis" So quite what are Ministers doing planning some database on road speeds for this system?

Unless they plan to roll it on out at some future point that is.

No one, an I mean no one plans a database unless they are planning to use that database at some future point.

Now what happens if you have an emergency and need to get your foot down? I can but assume that the state watching will issue a ticket the moment one go's one mile per hour sorry EU wank measures should be used I meant KPM over the legal limit.

The Commission for Integrated Transport and the Motorists' Forum, which both advise the government, are calling on ministers to promote a wide introduction of the system.
Of course they are - after all its a volutary system - designed to save lives, give more power to unelected quango's that HM govt loves so much as well as saving the beloved Peruvian Whelk from dreaded Global Boring.
John Lewis, from the Motorists' Forum, told BBC Breakfast he believed the devices would help drivers obey limits and therefore keep their licences.
"But we believe that the system should be a voluntary system, that the drivers decide if they have fitted to their car or not, and that they decide if they want to over-ride the speed limit - that should be their choice," he said.
Until the pr spin comes in from Labour. Save the planet, reduce accidents, the state knows best, save the whelks in Peru. 

Now John may believe it is good but I see a tax raising measure, both in fines and the costs of the database, the monitoring of cars and so on.
There would also be a positive impact on emissions and fuel consumption, he added.
See the cunts have started already. Thankfully there are some sane voices out there.
But Claire Armstrong, from the road safety charity Safe Speed, said that the devices could be dangerous.

She said truck drivers using speed-limiting devices had been shown to "go into fatigue mode or zombie mode" and stopped paying attention to the road.

"That makes it highly dangerous in those scenarios. So you've taken the responsibility away from the driver and that is not [good] for road safety."

Derek Charters, from the Motor Industry Research Association, believes limiting speed automatically could cause accidents.

"The last thing you need is one car to be overtaking and then pull back in, in front of the cars in front, because that braking event will then cause everybody to start to slow down, which will then compress the traffic, which then causes an incident."

Motoring journalist Quentin Wilson said he also believed taking away driver control was a "really, really bad thing".

"Remotely policing the roads from satellites in the sky - I would worry about it an awful lot."
Next up you watch the fuckers bring in the "save the babies" arguement. 

This is coming. You have been warned.

Remember if you vote Labour this will happen and you will be a total cunt for letting it happen.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

3 people have spoken:

Henry North London said...

its a device to get the last people who have still got their paper licences on to their infernal database

The bastards want to number us all and have us on computer

Fidothedog said...

Just so true, I cant wait for them to be shown the door after the next election.

Henry North London said...

You are hoping that there will be an election Suppose Gordon suspends elections then where are we