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Orange jackets make Community Payback offenders target for abuse.

Some feral scumbag demonstates the jackets.

Via lots of folk on the interweb, this touching little story about criminals bleating on about how wearing a high viz jacket is causing them some significant distress or somesuch liberal whiney bull.
Criminals wearing orange jackets while working in the community have been abused and jeered at by members of the public, according to study by leaders of the probation officers.

Community, church groups and at least one local council are refusing to accept placements involving offenders dressed in jackets bearing the words “Community Payback”.
Well hear is the deal: stop beating up old grannies for their pension money to turn into drugs, stop beating folk up after a few tins of wifebeater on a Friday night out, stop robbing our homes and leaving us to pick up the bits.

Then I might actually give a flying fuck about their feelings. Actually no, fuck them and their whining. 

They are not happy at being abused by the public, well fucking tough. That go's with being shown up as a criminal, a piece of fucking shit. 

Were it up to me the jackets would be pink, seriously make them look as camp as possible with the words "Criminal scumbag enclosed" on the back.

Pass them a cup of shut the fuck up, better still whip the cunts and get them fucking picking up dog shit by hand.

Oh and the daft cunts in local government whos hearts are a bleeding over the poor darlings plight might actually think that had they not been a cunt, they would not be wearing a high viz jacket. 

Its called cause and effect.

They as well are in long overdue need of a sound flogging and a kick to the knackers.

These fuckers are lucky, seriously lucky that this is the worst they have to deal with. No time spent in hospital after being put there by some fucking pissed animal on a Friday night, no coming home to see their belonging gone to fund some druggie cunt, no having to deal with insurance companies and deal with the feelings of having their life turned upside down. 

But mostly these fucking whiney cunts should fall to their knees and be grateful that I am not in charge of the justice system. Believe you me I would do a lot better than that bovine faced, slack jawed, fat arsed, udder flapping, kebab eating Home Sec. Jacqui Smith. 

New Labour - Tough on crime my arse. 

Still at least my arse unlike Jacqui Smiths does not enter the building half an hour after the rest of her due to the amount of kebabs she eats.

2 people have spoken:

Tractor Stats said...

I've condemed Jacqui to the streets for you.

Fidothedog said...

Done abused the bovine faced, slack jawed kebab eating one.