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BBC = Pravda: Anita Anand wears O'Bambi hat, achieves "Obasm".

BBC Radio 5Live's Anita Anand showing her complete impartiality.

She works for the BBC, gets an all expenses paid trip to see "The One" become the new messiah.

She even shows her devotion to the new messiah. 

A quick check of her Wikipedia page shows she used to write for the Guardian.

I think its so nice to see such impartial reporting on the part of the New Labour nomenklatura. 

I can not wait until the election to see her donning a "Vote Labour" cap for the glorious one eyed leader one James Gordon Brown.

She is there in the prescense of "The One"....I wonder if she had an orgasm?.... Or should that be Obasm?...
The answer is yes, for he really is..."The One"....


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