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Boycott Lloyds Tsb: Sanctions busting terrorist traders.

So while the banks were all bleating about how poor they were and threatening to lay off workers in Labour heartlands sorry pleading for money to get the economy working, it turns out Lloyds Tsb were breaking the law.

Now Lloyds has been stung with a £350m fine for sanctions busting.
"For more than 12 years Lloyd's facilitated the anonymous movement of hundreds of millions of dollars from U S -sanctioned nations through our financial system"

Lloyds stripped identifying information from international wire transfers that would have raised a red flag at U S financial institutions and caused such payments to be scrutinized"
Authorities suspect some of the money may have been used to finance Irans nuclear and missile programs.
So I guess this is what they mean about helping investors, never mind that this particular investor is well known for hanging homosexuals and planning to build its own nuclear weapons, still so long as Lloyds can make a buck who cares?

Details of the illicit transfers came to light on Friday when New York State and federal authorities announced that a large British bank had agreed to pay $350 million to settle accusations that it had helped the Iranian banks hide the transactions.

Lloyds ever the one to help out also offered its kindly help to The Sudan, famous for genocide and that bastion of liberalism and tolerance Libya.

As I stated before Lloyds Tsb directors are cunts and its hardly the first time they have been in trouble over dubious transactions.

Plus some fines for endowment mortgage mis-selling.

Some come Monday morning why not take your pennies out of Lloyds Tsb, after all who knows what bunch of dictators are still being funded by these fine chaps.

When Iran announces at some point that it has developed nuclear technology and there is television footage of proud Iranians displaying their first nucelar bomb:
It might be worth asking the question of how much of that money used to develop Iranian nukes pointing at Israel, Europe and America was run through a Lloyds Tsb sanctions busting slush fund at some point?
Oh and how many Africans have died in Darfur as a result of their slush funds being used to support the Janjaweed militias in the Sudan. 
Then we have the dictatorship of Libya, another nation that was looking to gain WMD at one point, that has and some argue still does support terrorism.
Sanctions on these nations are there for a reason, although Lloyds Tsb appear to believe that the rules apply only to little people.

5 people have spoken:

Sue said...

Does that mean they have to pay this with UK taxpayers money? Will the government have to fund this?

Fidothedog said...

In a word yes, I think it would have been better had the US pressed ahead with charges and jailing some of the top folk at that bank.

Anonymous said...

I had no idea. It beggars belief.

If that's true, and there is no reason why it wouldn't be, those fucking Yanks will benefit from our taxpayers money when Lloyds TS Fucking B pay the settlement.

As you said, they should be forced to stand trial where individual board members will have to face the consequences and hopefully spend a few long years in a penitentiary at the Yanks expense!

Fuck me, I've got to have a lie down, my blood pressure has gone through the roof!

Fidothedog said...

Yep dig out the lube as the taxpayer will be raped for the money to pay this fine.

KG said...

Jail the amoral fuckers.
But of course that won't happen--they're in "the club" and untouchable.