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Coastguards can't start a rescue, thanks to New Labour.

Thanks to the worthless champagne swilling socialist scum in New Labour we have peoples lives put in danger: link
Coastguards have been ordered to fill in a health and safety questionnaire before they can respond to calls for help.

All 400 of Britain's rescue units have been told that before they travel to an accident scene they must complete a 'vehicle pre-journey risk assessment'.

It is feared lives may be lost as vital minutes could be taken up with the assessments just as rescuers are preparing their response to emergency callouts.

Under the new rules, the teams have to take the time to answer four questions on the type of rescue and journey they are about to undertake.
The cunts in power will be making the lifeboats crews check the people they have rescued have had their 5 a day next.

All New Labour MP's are thieving lying scum, hiding their expense, expense paid for from our taxes. Part of a nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

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All Seeing Eye said...

With your permission and an appropriate link back here, TheEye humbly seeks permission to nick this post - it's worth spreading.

Fidothedog said...

Nick away, any way I can help stick the knife into this useless shower of shit that passes for a government.