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A cruel post but I could not resist: Paul Flynn around till 2015?

Local lying MP Paul Flynn stated re the planned reforms of the Commons and the possible reduction of MP's in Wales that "any change would not effect me until 2015."

Really? For someone born back in 1935, who is now in there 70's to claim they will be all fine an dandy until 2015? 

That would put him shuffling towards 80.

Might be worth a small bet on his shuffling off before the next election down at the local betting shop.

Should I mention whilst placing the bet that he has already had a mini "stroke"

He may have joked about Sen. McCain's age saying: 
If it's the aging process, then he should be medically checked and, if necessary, eased out of the race if his faculties are in decline.
The question is McCain may be old but Flynn(by a few months is older) and judging by this pic taken at the local folk festival I think McCain will be around for a bit longer than our Mr Flynn.

As I said before I've been reliably informed that his obituary has been taken out of a file and now sits on the sub-editors desk of the South Wales Argus(a paper that he has been rather critical of over the years)

I am sure that Mike Buckingham a local reporter from that paper will give Mr Flynn a fitting send off in his regular weekly post.

Have to admit that I am looking forward to updating Mr Flynns Wikipedia page (again.)

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core. Run by nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.



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