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Ed Balls - Piers Fletcher-Dervish(Lessons learned)

Pic from letsarguethepoint

So Ed had told us that lessons had been learned? Would he please then what the hell all this is about...

An investigation has been launched into a council's children services amid fears of another Baby P-style tragedy.

The deaths of seven children in Doncaster have prompted ministers to order an inquiry, only a month after Ofsted rated the South Yorkshire authority's provision for children as “inadequate”.

Serious case reviews into the deaths of three of the seven children have already been made public. One report found a “chaotic and dangerous” situation within the team of social workers in charge of the case of a 10-month-old boy who died in the town in December 2007.

Beverley Hughes, the Children’s Minister, has written to Doncaster Council to express concerns at the “very serious” issues raised by the Ofsted report. Miss Hughes has ordered her officials to carry out a “thorough diagnostic review” of the local authority’s children’s services department. The investigation will also look at “broader corporate issues” within the council.

An so cue the socialists phrases of "investigation", "never again", "fairness" and endless soundbite after soundbite. Give it six months and this will happen again, same soundbites from Ed Balls(up). 

Fuck them the child abuse ignoring scum. 

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