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A few reasons why New Labour and Gordon "Cyclops" Brown are crap.

1.  “Weeks and weeks later the Government still hasn’t announced how it can throw extra lifelines to viable companies who are being denied a working capital from the banks. Giving the banks more assets for capitalisation is almost as pointless as the VAT cut. The Government now has a small clutch of nationalised banks. Why isn’t it using them to get credit out to viable firms?” - From Labour MP Frank Field.

Next up at 2.
More than 4,000 civil servants are being kept on the Whitehall payroll despite having no work to do, it was revealed yesterday.
They include nearly 3,000 tax inspectors who continue to be employed under the title 'presurplus staff'.Other terms used by Government departments to describe the thousands without work include 'people action teams', 'redeployment pools', 'priority movers' and 'career transition centres'.
It means an estimated £133million of taxpayers' money was spent employing 4,634 'pre-surplus staff' assuming the average civil servant salary of £28,622. 
3. UK job loss round-up - Britain has shed 69,551 jobs since October. Here is a summary.

4. Welsh Arsembly waste on consultants.
The Welsh assembly government's bill for external consultants has more than doubled in four years, according to research by the Liberal Democrats.

The party's figures show ministers spent £4.65m on advice from outside experts in 2007.

Party leader Kirsty Williams said the doubling of costs was "alarming".
...spending on marketing and publicity consultants rose by 64% to more than £600,000.
Whilst folk lose their homes & jobs, New Labour and the Welsh Arsembly piss away £600,000 on telling us what a super fucking job they are doing. 

5. Lastly we have "quantitative easing" which is "printing money" the pipe dream by the loonies of the New Labour party. Naturally they won't call it that so give the term a fancy title.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core. Run by nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

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Anonymous said...

read Squandered by David Craig.
scarey stuff. It cannot be incompetence,it's deliberate.

Fidothedog said...

Will look that one up. Cheers.