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French dogs. Sumo & Carla Bruni

One for the "You Couldn't Make It Up" section, from the Daily Mail.

Former French president Jacques Chirac was rushed to hospital after being mauled by his own 'clinically depressed' pet dog.

The 76-year-old statesman was savaged by his white Maltese dog - which suffers from frenzied fits and is being treated with anti-depressants.

The animal, named Sumo, had become increasingly violent over the past years and was prone to making 'vicious, unprovoked attacks', Chirac's wife Bernadette said.

**I do hope that Sumo is fine and has not caught anything off of Le Worm. 

As I am on the subject of dogs, I though that I would post a pic of the wife of Nikolas Sarkozy one Carla Bruni.

A woman who's attempts at music could be classed as war crimes against the ears of humanity.

2 people have spoken:

gonzodoctor said...

Chirac sometimes needs to be beaten by a dog because of his inactivity.
If judges didn't condamn him dogs have to do it.

a french victim

Fidothedog said...

It could have been worse that woman could have "sung" to him, sooner have a dog bite or two any day than listen to her.