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Go 4th Beta can fuck right off.

Fat serial shagger and former Deputy PM John Prescott has a piss poor "interactive" leave your pro-Labour comments site.

Trying oh so hard to be a proper blogging machine yet they just don't get it. 

First up rather than some blogger type log which has a nice an easy system for leaving comments you have to go through all this logging in bullshit. 

No, if they want to get serious about this then that has to go asap. 

But the worst is the vanishing comments, a little jape about Tracy Temple our John's former squeeze vanished, as did a jape about having an interactive croquet game on the site.

Then a comment about Pravda style moderation also vanished. 

Maybe they will write it down to gremlins!?!

If they want just comments from Labour folk to mirror party speak fine but its going to disappear faster than food being vomited down a toilet in Prescott's office.

**Another comment asking "why the censorship John?" lasted about two minutes. Oh and last couple of comments went straight to the moderator.

At least you can debate with other parties, I have spoken to folk of many parties yet its just Labour sites that have to have Pravda style censorship.

Free speech and alternate opinions are thinks that this site doesn't want, much like the Labour party finding out via The Daily Mail the latest sleaze on Prescott when he was in office....

(update 20.44)So here is a challenge to John Prescott and the drone at that site, how about you debate with moderation here. Pick any tractor stats that this government has produced and I will shread them apart in no time at all, anything, any damn subject?....Over to John Prescott.

5 people have spoken:

JARNCO5 said...

Voice Of Conservative America just visited your site

Anonymous said...

I just left this comment:

"apologies for a few gremlins on the site"
Is this the reason why some of the comments have been disappearing?

You guessed it. Straight to the moderator.

Fucking pointless, who are they kiddin?

Fidothedog said...

Ya not wrong, last few I sent went off to the fat pie eating an vomiting moderator.

Anonymous said...

The fat git diddled the revenue out of £3k,according to the mail on sunday. Squatted in his grace & favour flat rent free after losing deputy PM's job. I seem to remember a while back this revolting specimin didn't pay his council tax on one of his many homes.
These vermin have no shame.

Fidothedog said...

Urban as well as showing he had the morals of a sewer rat by his cheating on his wife with that office bike Tracey Temple.