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Gordon Brown the dhimmi pays the Jizya.

Pay the Jizya infidels. 

Gordon bends over to take an ass full from raghead terrorists in Gaza.
Britain announced emergency aid worth £7 million to provide urgently-needed food and fuel to Gaza, where International Development Secretary Douglas Alexander said the humanitarian situation was "getting worse by the hour".
Now its not difficult to understand but if Johnny Arab wants peace he has to stop firing missiles into Israel. 

Still far easier for dhimmi Gordon to pay the tax imposed on non moslems - the Jizya.

Explinations of the terms are below:

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core.

Hugging terrorists since 1997...

2 people have spoken:

JPT said...

'Urgently needed fuel'?
We have just 15 days supply of gas in this country and with the Russia and Ukraine thing going on it could be US who soon could be after some 'urgently needed fuel' never mind Johnny Foreigner.

Fidothedog said...

Another Gordon failure.