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Gordon Brown lynched and hung by British workers desperate for British jobs given to Europeans.

Hat tip to lord-elvis for this pic. One day Gordon, one day....

Lets just hope that that is a very strong rope to hold his overweight, lardy arse.

A PM who since taking power can only claim to have bloated his body like a goose forcefed for the foie gras market.

His latest spot of verbal arsewater is his plea for "Britons to remain optimistic in the face of the financial crisis." 
Fine, not got a problem with that as soon as one fat bloated, useless sack of shit called Gordon resigns the nation will leap for fucking joy.

Then our lardy PM banged on about "talking the country down", well hang on a fucking minute Mr gutload it was you who fucked the fiscal system up here in the UK, leaving us worst placed to handle recession an now he wants us to make out all is well.

My message to him is "Go back to eating Gordon its all your good at."

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