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Hazel Blears - Out of touch champagne socialist.

Just what the fuck is happening in this land?

Hazel Blears has stated that teams of state officials will turn up each morning and ensure that the lazy and indolent get out of their warm beds and go off to work of a morning.
No doubt making sure that the kids are all cleaned and had their 5 a day in fruit an veg, that the hovel has had the hoover shoved about and so on.

Just one point, what jobs is our Hazel Blears going to be seeing the workshy off to? What with Woolworths and loads more companies shutting up thanks to her one eye'd boss making a complete fucking hash of basic economics - don't spend more than you have coming in - theres not much work for anyone.
She said it was increasingly clear that a minority of 'Shameless' families were causing the majority of crime and antisocial behaviour, and using up a disproportionate amount of government resources in welfare benefits and state intervention.
Right, so why has it only taken eleven fucking years of champagne socialist misrule to notice that these folk are causing a problem? Would not action years ago have resolved the problem by now....
In response, Miss Blears is preparing to publish legislation paving the way for unprecedented 'community intervention projects'. In effect, entire streets or blocks of flats would be put on 'special measures'.Sources say council staff would be given the power to enter homes to get people out of bed in the morning, or turn up with rubber gloves and detergent to oversee the cleaning of filthy homes.

Oh come on lets pull the other one it has got fucking bells on. Can you seriously imagine council staff being told to turn up at the local sink estate, have to get past the pitbull to wake up the locals, then get them to don cleaning gloves to clean up the hovel?

Methinks that she will have a council staff strike a double quick time, oh and what happens if Mr & Mrs Chav decide to refuse. Do we have the first ever arrest for not cleaning their home? 

I am sure the police will be oh so impressed at having to turn up to back up state officials in getting people to clean their homes. 

Maybe, just maybe had these champagne socialists taken the advise of Frank Field under former PM Blair who put forward a raft of options to get folk back to work and was sacked by Blair for his troubles they would not need to be coming up with gimmicks like this.
Miss Blears is working with Work and Pensions Secretary James Purnell on measures that would see families who refuse to take part stripped of their benefits.
Well can I just point out that if Hazel actually did her research she would find that if one is on JSA(Jobseekers Allowance) or dole if you will; that part of the terms & conditions is that they have to actively seek work. 

So would it not be a better idea to use existing laws and regulations and actually enforce them, rather than having an "army" of state employed cleaning supervisors to crack the whip over the feckless?

State twattery at its worst, doomed to failure and a sign that this fag end government has run out of ideas.

I give it a week before someone fights this under the "Human Rights Act" - brought in by New Labour by the way - and the whole steaming pile of crap comes down on one Hazel Blears head.

New Labour a huge "gold standard cock-up", amoral, corrupt and evil to the core. Run by nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

3 people have spoken:

Sue said...

What a larf! Oh my God, can you imagine?

I can think of a simpler solution.


Although, she didn't exactly pick the best economic climate to come up with this bright idea, did she?

I don't know why they just don't install a government mole, to be lodged in the cupboard under the stairs (much like the tax advert with Moira Stewart) in every house in the land...

Mass employment & complete government control established!

Anonymous said...

Fuck me, this is insane.

You're right Sue.
Just stop giving the chav twats any money.

There will always be work for those that are prepared to get up off their lardy arses and go find it.

Is that bitch Blears going to wipe their arses as well?

Fuck me, I can't believe it, the word verification for this post is 'conable'.

Anonymous said...

But of course the Govt have to be seen to be doing something whilst doing nothing, so a new bit of legislation an the world carrys on as normal.