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HM Revenue & Customs.

Another steaming pile from another HM govt dept that is not working properly.
"Millions of self-employed workers could end up paying tax which is not yet due because of a glitch in the HM Revenue & Customs website.

Those filling in an online return are being asked to pay their tax for the last financial year - and make a contribution towards the amount due for this year.

However, although the back tax must be paid by midnight today, half of the so-called 'payment on account' is not due until July.

But HMRC has not publicised the website error because they fear it could cause chaos so near to the annual deadline.

And while it charges an interest rate of three per cent to those who owe it money, it will not pay out any interest on cash which is handed over too early.

More than nine million people will fill in self-assessment forms this year, and two out of every three do so online. Many of those will wait until the last moment to complete their forms.
They fuck up and you get jack shit for paying in money early, but one day late and they land you with a fine. Another day another cock up on the part of the New Labour government, it does make me wonder quite what all the trillions of paperclip counting state employees actually do?

Not sort out their webshytes obviously, far to busy viewing internet porn and playing solitaire on the pc!.......

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