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Lost Clr Mohammed Najib - A latter day Scarlet Pimpernel

Left the Scarlet Pimpernel sorry former Labour Clr Mohammed Najib.

They seek him here, they seek him there, the boys in blue seek him everywhere.

Well its post three on the eluse Clr. Mohammed Najib and we have an update. 

According to the Halifax Courier, the elusive Clr was on the telly.
READERS rang the Courier yesterday to say they had seen wanted former Halifax councillor Mohammed Najib on David Dickinson's The Real Deal.
Mr Najib was seen to peer through a screen during an antiques viewing at Halifax Town Hall.

The show was aired yesterday but was recorded a few months ago.

Heather Terry, of Mixenden, said: "I've just seen your missing ex-councillor."

Mr Najib's solicitor confirmed the images were of his client.

Mr Najib is wanted by police investigating election fraud.
So is he in Pakistan as he said before or laying low from the fine folk of the police in his home town? Will the police ever find Clr Najib and will justice ever be done?

I feel sort of torn, part of me wants to see Najib caught and for justice to be done but another part is hoping and wondering if next he will be on local radio, maybe an interview with the Chief Constable of the local police farce sorry force? 

We shall have to wait and see....


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