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More New Labour council sleaze: Councillor Sean Chaytor - Marfleet ward in east Hull

Another day another sleaze laden champagne socialist pig is exposed: link

A LABOUR city councillor says he has nothing to hide over his side-line as a glamour photographer.

Councillor Sean Chaytor, who represents the Marfleet ward in east Hull, is the secretary of the opposition Labour group on Hull City Council.

Away from his council duties he works as an administrative officer for the court service at the Hull Combined Courts complex in Lowgate.

However, it is his online presence as a glamour photographer that has raised some eyebrows at the Guildhall.

Under council rules, all city councillors have to declare any employment or business interests in a publicly-accessible official register.

Until details of his hobby were spread across the Internet earlier this week, Cllr Chaytor's entry in the register only referred to his court job.

Now he has added amateur photography to his entry, but insisted he had done nothing wrong.

He said: "I added my photography, even though I was advised by the council's own monitoring officer that I did not need to declare it.

"I've been taking photographs for 20 years, so it is no big secret. I even met my wife through it while taking publicity shots for Hull Playgoers."

Cllr Chaytor said he had never made any money from his photography.

He said: " It has always been a hobby, although it is something I would possibly like to develop into a little business when I eventually retire.

"Is it embarrassing for me? I do not think so."

On the photography website net-model.com, he says payment is available for models willing to pose for him.

Under the pseudonym seamushull, his net-model.com member profile features both glamour and headshot photographs of two models.

On his profile, he also offers would-be models photos and test shoots and says he is willing to travel to photograph them.

On a second photographic modelling website purestorm.com, he uses the same pseudonym and lists fashion, print magazine, swimwear, lingerie and glamour photos as his preferences.

His purestorm.com profile describes his status as amateur, but says he has "many years of portrait and portfolio" experience.

His online profiles and his pseudonym were revealed earlier this week by political online blogger Dizzy Thinks.

Since then, his sideline has received even more exposure on several other blog sites.

Cllr Chaytor said he opted for a pseudonym after initially registering his real name as his user name

He said: "I'm not covering anything up."

Dizzy covered this fine bit of champagne socialist sleaze here...
**I wonder if the next story to break on this will be that of his not paying tax on monies earned? Either that or one of the "glamour models" runs to the tabloids with a "My Sex Hell" story....


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Red Squirrel said...

Speaking of irony, I was just about to post some Monty P on t'other

I'm going to fill my glass and toast to a BNP success in the elections.
Sorry, butting in here with my link, just didn't think you would mind.

All Seeing Eye said...

His online profiles and his pseudonym were revealed earlier this week by political online blogger Dizzy Thinks.

Yep, spotted it at Dizzy too. Funny who turn out to be the hypocrites, isn't it? The bird in the screengrab was fit though.

Fidothedog said...

All Seeing Eye, missed the fact Dizzy covered that! Doh!

Shall do an update forthwith with a link.

Oh Red Squirrel the black knight bit on hamas was good :-)