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The New Apple Wheel.

Only 45 mins to send an e-mail.

Looking forward to those hummingbird batteries..


5 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

Looks shit to me. You cannot replace a keyboard without voice recognition software. Might be good if you want to text, but real keyboard work? Nope.

Saying that, what's new about it? HP were making a touch-screen laptop 5 or 6 years ago, or even more.

Looks like a gadget for Mac morons who will buy anything with the logo on it, and pay handsomely for it too while squealing...but the quality is fantastic...it is so goooooood...it is the future etc. etc. etc.

If it was the future why did they have to rely on stealing technology from Creative to save from going bust when they made the Ipod

The Screech said...

about halfway through i thought 'hold on, it doesn't make it easier to use if you've got to hit at least 3 keys when one will do' and my next thought was 'bit early for an april fools joke isn't it?' fucking class that one mate

Anonymous said...

Allah Salmond of the Salafist National Party has called on Israel to announce a ceasefire


"FIRST Minister Alex Salmond has written to the Israeli ambassador calling for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, he confirmed today."


"Tory Ted Brocklebank questioned whether in future appeals it would not be "wiser" for Mr Salmond to call for an appeal from both sides."

Allah Salmonds reply:

"The First Minister said: "I'm happy to say that – that's what a ceasefire means.""

Why couldn't he say that in the first place? Oh, he has the Moslem block vote to look out for.

Anonymous said...

Err, sorry to get back to the real topic of this posting. . .
. . . I am an avid fan of the Apple Mac and haven't used one of those 'other fucking things' for years.

But, I do not want to get into a 'which is best' battle here.

Each to his own I say.

Now then, the point I'm trying to make is . . . .
even I wouldn't buy one of these fucking wheel wank jobbies ever. It's shit. It's bollocks.
45mins to send an email. Fuck the fuck off.
The whole idea is ridiculous.
It's just a Twapple Twatintosh!

Houdini said...

It must be a piss take....

If so I fell hook, line and sinker...nice one :-)