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Our firend Saudi Arabia marching forward to the stone age: Campaign to stop women drivers.

Hat tip to Elder of Ziyon
Here we go and of course bumper sticker campaign to stop any moves that might allow women in Saudi Arabia to drive.
Bumper stickers in Saudi Arabia have taken a distinctly political turn as men opposed to allowing women to drive have taken to putting their views on their cars in the face of mounting concern the ban may be lifted.

A report in Britain’s the Daily Telegraph Wednesday quoted an anonymous government official as saying the government had decided to lift its ban on women drivers and would issue a decree by the end of the year.

For those opposed to lifting the ban, bumper stickers have become a popular outlet for expressing their displeasure, the Saudi newspaper Shams reported Sunday.

"There has been a decision to move on this by the Royal Court because it is recognized that if girls have been in schools since the 1960s, they have a capability to function behind the wheel when they grow up," a government official told The Daily Telegraph. "We will make an announcement soon."
Women activists in the kingdom have brought the issue to the limelight in recent years by breaking the driving ban and risking arrest.
The sticker, widely displayed by men opposed to giving women the right to drive, has a picture of a woman and steering wheel inside a prohibitory traffic sign.

Women in Saudi Arabia are prohibited from driving by law. The driving ban dates back to its establishment as a state in 1932. Reasons cited for the ban are usually related to mingling of unmarried women and men, which is prohibited in the conservative kingdom.
Scholars and Religious Police officials argue that allowing women to drive would lead to moral decay by make dating easier and encourage youth to flirt with or chase women drivers.
Critics also defend the bad based on the safety of women and their ability to handle certain difficult situations like car breakdowns, accidents, or driving in remote areas. Some also fear that if women drive, they will start changing their dress codesince the existing one, a cloak and a face veil, might not be practical behind the wheel.
Oh the horror, that a woman might actually be allowed to move freely. Its the end of civilization in ultra-liberal Saudi Arabia folks, then again that might not be such a bad thing.

5 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Where can I get one of those stickers ?

Fidothedog said...

No idea I found it on the blog I linked to at the top.

Would be a cool car sticker mind.

John A Thomson said...

I take it that Sheila's Wheels doesn't have a Saudi office! :-)

Anonymous said...

Women drivers might be rubbish. But then again, so am I after a few pints.

They have a right to the road. Good on 'em.

Fidothedog said...

Anon a few pints in Saudi gets you a hundred lashes and jail time.