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Pensioner refused alcohol by Tesco:Some people need to be culled like baby seals.

The BBC report that:
"Two pensioners from Essex were left stunned when they were asked to show photo identification to buy a bottle of wine. 

Jennifer Rogers went to her local One Stop convenience store with a 70-year-old friend.

But a staff member refused the sale saying she needed photographic identification to prove her age. 

A spokesperson for the store said: "We take the sale of alcohol to underage people extremely seriously."
Look its quite simple the law states that one has to be over the age of 18 to purchase alcohol. 

If someone obviously looks over that age,  then don't be a box ticking braindead paperwork non job like say your average PCSO or government employee and serve them.

68 & 70 years of sodding age. Jesus wept what has happened to common sense? 

As for the store One Stop hiding behind excuses that just makes them look as stupid as the fuckwit member of staff who refused service.


Oh hang on its Tesco, the same company who's staff slate customers on forums, in that case I shall amend the insult.


7 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with you,some people really do need a kicking they won't forget. And I used to be quite tolerant. That story in the Backstabber about social services stealing two kiddies from their grandparents and handing them over to a couple of faggots.
They need thrashing with a sack of hedgehogs,and then parachuted to North Korea.

JPT said...

Rules are rules...(joke!)

Anonymous said...

If any of those ridiculous cunts at Tesco's should happen upon this comment, then pin your fucking ears back to the side of that fucking vacuous head of yours and get this:

I wouldn't piss on your fucking piss flaps if they were on pissing fire!


Grandpa-Old Soldier said...

They tried to do that crap here in Texas last year, but so many people complained that the law was relaxed, I was asked for my id all the time and I am 61. I would just say thanks for the compliment dickhead.

Oldrightie said...

Supermarkets are so far up Government's arses they are blind.
Loved a radio piece this evening, "cranium rectus"!

Sue said...

Absolutely pathetic, words fail me.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

One store at Xmas refused to sell Christmas crackers to a teenager because they contain 'explosives' and are thus R18.
Logically they should refuse to sell them to anyone since they are likely to be passed onto underage persons in the process of pulling said crackers on Christmas day. Hoons.