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Peter Hain - More New Labour Sleaze has to say sorry for slush fund.

One rule for them:

The Standards Committee concludes:

We agree with the Commissioner that Mr Hain's failure to register donations on this scale is both serious and substantial. We are bound to take this into account, notwithstanding the facts that Mr Hain has apologised unreservedly, and that he acted with commendable speed to rectify his omissions once he discovered them, without waiting for others to invite him to do so. Because of the seriousness and scale of this breach and noting the considerable, justified public concern that it has created, we would ordinarily have been minded to propose a heavier penalty. However, we accept that there was no intention to deceive and Mr Hain has already paid a high price for his omissions. We therefore recommend that Mr Hain apologise by means of a personal statement on the floor of the House.

Right so he sets up a slush fund sorry policy forum to move money about, hundreds of thousands of quid to support Peter Hain. Anyone outside of the Commons would have had to answer questions before a justice an be looking at jail time.

Maybe next time Peter Hain should pull another bank job, oh sorry he "claims" he was set up by the South African security services over that. Still never mind, he could do a quick post office if Labour has not closed them all by then....

Although what really says it all about this tedious little spiv is he fiddled and laundered over £100K on his election campaign and came fifth. Even his fellow lying, duplicitous, champagne swilling socialists knew he was an untrustworth cunt who would fuck them over in a heartbeat.

How long, O Cyclops, will you abuse our patience? How long is that madness of yours still to mock us? When is there to be an end of that unbridled audacity of yours?

Labour & their champagne swilling backers all part of a nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

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