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A quick comment to all MP's: "If you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide."

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After all if they(MP's) are all honest and clean living folk who work their fingers to the bone on behalf of the unwashed masses of plebs an proles they should declare all their expenses:

Harriet Harman, the leader of the house, got Jack Straw, the justice secretary, to table a parliamentary order that will exempt all MPs and peers from having to release detailed expenses under the Freedom of Information Act.
The order, which will come into force 24 hours after being debated next week in parliament, will stop in its tracks all the victories won by campaigners and journalists to bring full transparency to individual MPs' expenditure on travel, equipping their second or constituency homes, staffing, office details and individual travel receipts by air, rail and car.

The timing is extraordinary. The parliamentary authorities were poised to release a mindboggling 1.2m pieces of papers detailing three years' individual expenses after a two-year battle covering all but the Sinn Féin MPs. The public had already had a foretaste of what was come last year when a limited release of expenditure for a small number of MPs revealed lots of detail - from the £1,920 pergola and plants ordered by Margaret Beckett for her constituency home to Barbara Follett, the wife of the successful author, Ken Follett, and Labour MP for Stevenage claiming £1,600 for cleaning the windows of her London home.

Now none of this will become public, and all existing FOI requests will be blocked. There is an alternative disclosure scheme planned but it will not provide the detail. And the public suspicion of MPs will grow. Everyone will think their elected representatives have something to hide.
As Guido says...

They claim that it would be too expensive to account for all expenditure - try putting that on your tax return. Some MPs are taking it upon themselves to voluntarily publish ALL their expenses, some will not, draw your own conclusions. If they have done nothing wrong, they have nothing to hide...
Previous posts on the duplictous activities of our elected members here and here.

Other worthless scum(MP's) will bleat on with soundbites about how they are against it, but well thats the way it is etc. Rather than releasing their expenses off their own back.

Think about that the next time some state agencies want information on your money, would they accept the same shit excuses that cuntish MP's issue and expect us to swallow? 

They keep on telling us re state nannying, ID cards and other assorted privacy removal/interference in our lives that:
"if you have done nothing wrong, you have nothing to hide."
I claim that right, especially as I am paying for those cunts second homes, rent boys, long holidays and assorted perks.

All New Labour MP's are thieving lying scum, hiding their expense, expense paid for from our taxes. Part of a nomenklatura supporting a leader out of touch with reality.

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