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Women of Star Trek.

Various women from Star Trek. All safe for work, although your boss may think that you have better things to do than trawl the internet for pictures of ladies from Star Trek.

6 people have spoken:

Damon Lord said...

Your Trekbabes round-up forgot probably the most stunning Original Series babe: Dr Helen Noel from the first season episode "Dagger of the Mind".


All Seeing Eye said...

Hmm, you seem to be too fixated on the original series. Tasha Yar for me.

Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine wasn't too shabby either and it always disappointed me that she divorced her politician husband because he wanted to play kinky games and she was too boring.

Fidothedog said...

Damon, just added her.

Sue said...

I am a trekkie and I don't mind admitting it. Those photos take me back to the days of normality, the days when "political correctness" had not been invented.

I think I may follow your lead and do one on the "alpha males" of Startrek of which I think you'll agree, Kirk is the ultimate!

bernie said...

I wouldn't mind licking one of those furry things in the photo with Dr. McCoy. But what ere those pink and yellow things?

Anonymous said...


Where's Wuhuur.. Uruhu.. Whatserface?