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Craig Grant nominee for the Darwin Awards.

From The Daily Mail.
It is the video clip that has horrified millions – a teenager avoiding death by a fraction of a second as he idiotically dashes in front of a speeding train, which catches and mangles his shoe.

Craig Grant’s trainer was sliced in half by the impact after he jumped over a level-crossing barrier – but amazingly he escaped with only minor damage to his

The heart-stopping footage was released last week to warn others of the dangers of ignoring level-crossing gates. And speaking publicly for the first time about his accident, Craig, 19, said: ‘It makes me feel sick. The fact that I was half a second – six inches – from dying.

‘It’s scary when you think about it. The shoe was mangled. It was literally cut in half – the back was hanging on by a bit of thread. It was destroyed. I’m just lucky that wasn’t my leg or my foot or, in fact, my life. If the train had hit me I would have exploded on impact.’
Fuckin obvious to most people that a small fleshy object is going to come a poor second when put up against hundreds of tons of fast moving metal; although some will always be ready for their entry to the Darwin Awards...

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