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Did Gordon Brown wet himself?

From Guido Fawkes:
A rumour went round after Monday's disastrous press briefing that Gordon had wet himself. Guido didn't report the story because he was unable to substantiate it from the video evidence. That it was even rumoured and given any credence whatsoever shows that people in the Westminster Village think he is a man close to the edge of total breakdown. The humiliating truth is that Gordon Brown is not mentally fit for purpose.

Oh dear not been a good week for the one eyed, unelected leader of this fair land. First up he has the plebs up in arms for taking his words of British jobs for British workers at face value. 

Now a tale that he has pissed his pants is doing the rounds, not only is it openly spoken of by the press that he is mentally unstable, now even his bladder control is being questioned.

Fat, bloated like a foie gras goose our lardy PM waddles from crisis to crisis.

New underpants Prime Minister?... 
And so a bus logo to celebrate the trouser wetting.

2 people have spoken:

TractorStats said...

Urmm, seems the story has some truth maybe as there is this picture of him wandering astray and he most definately looks to have pissed himself ho ho.

JPT said...

Well I think he's certainly caused a few others to wet themselves what with his economic policies.