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Dr Alan Maryon-Davis is a New Labour cuntmonkey.

A certain Dr Alan Maryson-Davis is being a puritanical cuntmonkey over at the BBC.

He takes a puritanical looking down his nose at the smelly lower orders stance.
"It seems that not a day goes past without the government launching yet another health campaign, issuing another lifestyle guideline or passing some new law banning this or that threat to our safety or well-being.
Is the government 'nannying' us too much? Is it trying too hard to micro-manage our health?
I say firmly - no.
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Oh really, well I say he is talking out of his arse and he go's on to recommend exactly that. He states that government is issuing guidelines and denies that is not micro management? Bizarre.
On the contrary, there's plenty of evidence that people want to see the government doing more to help us avoid big killers like heart disease, stroke and cancer.
Attitudes have changed radically over the 30 years I've been involved in promoting and protecting public health.
I see an increasing acceptance that we, all of us, need not only more information and guidance from government, but also more legislation to save us from ourselves.
We accept the laws on seat-belts, crash helmets and drink-driving because we know they reduce road injuries and deaths.
But he says and this where he starts to show his puritanical aims.
But it was ordinary people who really tipped the balance to change the law.
Really, tell that to the dying on its knees pub trade. To the millions freezing their arses off outside the local on a Friday night, I am sure that after a sound kicking by the frozen mob you might change your opinion.
"It was the steady shift in public opinion that gave legislators the courage. It proved that we, the people, can have a powerful influence on the way laws can be made on our behalf.

I strongly believe we should exercise that influence much more."

Who the fuck is this "we" he is on about? By influence he means his influence and his superior views.
"We've been largely successful with the tobacco industry, and now it's time to shift the focus onto alcohol and junk-food.
Voluntary codes of practice - in effect self-policing by the food and drink industry - simply haven't worked.
The government has got to stop pussyfooting around and get tough."
Another bloody we. Look its simple, taxing fags to death has no worked. It failed, they still sell and many a dubious type is making a fine living selling Benson & Hedges out of a car boot at the back of the Dog & Duck.

Some in the social underclass are quite happy to buy smokes over say food for the kids. Now he wants to up taxes and laws on beer and food.

So lets see what he, sorry we as he likes that word has in store for us:
"What next? I would like to see a ban on smoking in cars with a child on board and a ban on displays of cigarettes in shops. I would like to see a real hike in tax on alcohol and a ban on deep price-cuts for booze. I would like to see a wider ban on junk-food adverts around TV programmes watched largely by children.
I would like to see a whole raft of other legislation for health.
This is not 'nannying'. This is responsible government acting on behalf of a consenting public."
Right so arrests for folk who smoke in the car with a child on board. No displays of fags, maybe they could be sold with a large leper bell for the smoker to ring whilst yelling "UNCLEAN"?

He calls for the death of the local pub and a rise in booze smuggling and ever more laws to be administered by yet more worthless jobsworths, like the dire PCSO's.

He calls this responsible government, no dickhead responsible government is tackling crime and leaving people the fuck alone to live as they damn well please.

He finishes with another "we" - although not the manner of our fat sack of blubber beloved PM and alleged trouser pisser James Gordon Brown.
And we all need to play a greater part in shaping those laws.
And "we" I add to him say "Oh fuck off you tedious cunt monkey."

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it's either banned or compulsory said...

It was probably this cunt on Radio 4 today who when asked " isn't banning smoking just a little bit too much interference in our lives; unlike drink driving it is only ourselves who suffer; it's our choice "

Replied " Oh no, harming yourself by smoking forces the NHS to use up valuable resources so it really is a case where the government has to take the lead in everyones best interests " or somesuch bollox.

My tobacco taxes far outweigh any potential use of NHS resources and anyway I'll die young so I won't waste more on my crappy pension.

Sue said...

On what astral plane do these people exist?

How out of touch and how bloody insulting!

Sue said...
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Sue said...

I think the Devils Kitchen had the same opinion of him as you.


This Dr. professes to be a Libertarian!!!

Fidothedog said...

Yes I just read DK's article, very apt.