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Geert Wilders post - Geert Wilders persona non grata in the UK.

Mediawatch covers this:

Dear Mr Wilders

The purpose of this letter is to inform you that the Secretary of State is of the view that your presence in the UK would pose a genuine, present and sufficiently serious threat to one of the fundamental interests of society. The Secretary of State is satisfied that your statements about Muslims and their beliefs, as expressed in your film Fitna and elsewhere, would threaten community harmony and therefore public security in the UK.

You are advised that should you travel to the UK and seek admission an Immigration Officer will take into account the Secretary of State’s view. If, in accordance with regulation 21 of the immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006, the Immigration Officer is statisfied that your exclusion is justified on grounds of public policy and/or public security, you will be refused admission to the UK under regulation 19. You would have a right of appeal against any refusal of admission, exercisable from outside the UK.

Yours sincerely,

Irving N. Jones

On behalf of the Secretary of State for the Home Department

The Secretary of State for the Home Department is the Rt Hon Jacqui Smith MP. Yep the pea brained, dope smoking, kebab eating, bovine faced, slack jawed, fat arsed Home Sec. Expense fiddler and the woman who spouted that arse gravy about how terrorism was no longer terrorism by "Anti-Islamic activity."...

Oh an below this from The Telegraph
Can this really be true? An elected representative, the leader of a legitimate political party, banned from entering the United Kingdom? On what possible grounds?

It's true that Geert Wilders is a controversialist, who takes pleasure in causing offence. He needs 24-hour protection, so serious are the death-threats he has attracted from jihadis. He revels in offending liberals as well as Muslims: his call for the Koran to be banned struck me as rather inconsistent with his stated commitment to civic freedoms. I wouldn't vote for him if I were Dutch.

But what I think of him is neither here nor there. Freedom means the freedom to express any opinion, however eccentric, however offensive. The Dutch foreign minister, a political opponent of Mr Wilders, has complained to David Miliband. Good for him. Whether our government is actuated by cowardice or authoritarianism, it's equally ugly. We are a meaner country than we were this morning.

And From Radionetherlands.nl

Dutch Right-wing politician and controversial anti-Islam campaigner Geert Wilders has been refused entry to the United Kingdom despite being invited to visit by a member of the House of Lords, the British parliament's upper chamber.

Mr Wilders, who was due to go to London this Thursday, received a letter today, 10 February, from the British ambassador to the Netherlands telling him that he was not welcome, reportedly because his visit would constitute a threat to public order. 

Mr Wilders responded to the decision in fighting mood, telling Dutch media that he still intended to travel to London:
"I'll see what happens at the border. Let them put me in handcuffs."
Dutch Foreign Minister Maxime Verhagen's response was also firm. He contacted his UK counterpart, David Miliband, by telephone and voiced his dissatisfaction that a member of the Dutch parliament - Geert Wilders is in fact also the leader of a political grouping, the Freedom Party - has been prohibited from entering a fellow European Union member state.

Geert Wilders, perhaps best known outside the Netherlands for having made the video Fitna, in which the religion Islam and its holy book the Qu'ran are attacked as providing a basis for terrorist attacks and for the undermining of western democracy and values, had been invited to London for a showing of this film to members of the British parliament. 

The invitation to do so was extended to the controversial Dutch politician by a member of the unelected House of Lords

RegrettableMr Verhagen commented regarding the showing of Fitna in the British parliament that this was a matter for the House of Lords to decide on, but added: "the fact that a Dutch parliamentarian is refused entry to another EU country is highly regrettable."

Geert Wilders was initially to have shown his video to the British parliament in January, but those plans were cancelled following fierce protests from the UK's Muslim community.

The protests were organised by one Lord Ahmed, who is awaiting sentencing for dangerous driving, to wit causing the death of another motorist as he was texting and receiving messages while speeding along the motorway. 

Now laws are being planned by one Jack Straw MP, if the new rules are brought in he may lose his peerage. Although that would depend on what the filth in New Labour define as a crime, after all he is a moslem and one of their own. (Crime you see depends if one is a Labour party member fiddling expenses aka Jacqui Smith MP or a Tory MP fiddling expense.)

No doubt when a deal is done he will celebrate with a slap up meal of finest pork halal foods and a few beers sorry light drinks, one driver has been jailed for a similar crime but this is New Labour. 

A case of halal pigs flying if the noble Lord is jailed and loses his peerage.

Some previous posts: Geert banned from the UK
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Well this government speaks not for me, they do represent me, my interests or even support free speech anymore. Our PM has been seen crawling on his belly asking the disgusting Saudi dictatorship for aid, so it is quite obvious he is not going to be impartial.

After all when HM Govt stops cases of torture by supporting the Saudi barbarians in the courts, you know we are in the grasp of the jihadist snake.

I consider my government to be persona non grata.

3 people have spoken:

KG said...

Christ! We in the West are screwed.

Anonymous said...

He'd get my vote, that's for sure.

James D said...

I'm sure we'll understand when the Dutch government expels the British Ambassador for passing on the Home Office's nonsense.

And does the Home Office actually have any point? The Police could have certain operations consolidated with the Fire Brigade at the DCLG. The incompatible border system with the Schengen zone provides unnecessary loopholes, wastes huge amounts of money, and damages the economy by means of the absurd restrictions on Eurostar. The immigrants would receive better continuity of care if that responsibility were transferred to the FCO. I very much hope that threatening democratically elected politicians will be the last straw for the Home Office: will the last wannabe Sir Humphrey please turn out the lights?