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Gordonomics - Its Chavtastic...I wanna brown baybeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From therantingkingpenguin
here's some news from the Uber Chav Under Class that we as taxpayers provide with a comfortable lifestyle choice, breeding more scum.

A single parent at just 15, Sian Robbins at 17 is pregnant again, by a different partner, with triplets. The triplets have medical problems and Sian has been advised to have one aborted to ensure the well being of the others, but has decided to keep them all. After all, there's more benefits to collect that way, and if one or more is disabled, then they get even more benefits. Already pulling in an astounding £1,126 a month, which includes her rent and no council taxes to worry about, Sian is looking forward to a bigger council house and more money. Unemployed father to be Callum Thomas said: 'She loves being a mum - even if one baby does have a problem we'll still love them. Sian wants me to be at home with her until the babies are older, so I'll be signing on.'

She is also planning that the next generation follow in her footsteps. You could not make it up. She said: 'The younger I have them the better it will be because I'll still be young when they are young. I've only got 15 years then they'll be doing what I've been doing - they'll go out and I'll stay in and look after their kids.'
So we pay for them, the kids, their kids, go figure...

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