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Islam the barbaric system of evil:

From Jihadwatch
The testimony of four male witnesses is the standard for establishing guilt in sexual offenses under Sharia law, per Qur'an 4:15, 24:4, 24:6, and 24:13. Four male Muslim witnesses who saw the act. The testimony of the woman involved is inadmissible. Therefore if those four male witnesses do not come forward and the victim becomes pregnant, her pregnancy becomes evidence that she has committed adultery.

This sentence is not something extreme. It's standard Islamic Sharia.

"Saudi judge sentences pregnant gang-rape victim to 100 lashes for committing adultery," by Liz Hazelton for theDaily Mail, February 11 (thanks to Pamela):

A Saudi judge has ordered a woman should be jailed for a year and receive 100 lashes after she was gang-raped, it was claimed last night.

The 23-year-old woman, who became pregnant after her ordeal, was reportedly assaulted after accepting a lift from a man.

He took her to a house to the east of the city of Jeddah where she was attacked by him and four of his friends throughout the night.

She later discovered she was pregnant and made a desperate attempt to get an abortion at the King Fahd Hospital for Armed Forces.

According to the Saudi Gazette, she eventually 'confessed' to having 'forced intercourse' with her attackers and was brought before a judge at the District Court in Jeddah.

He ruled she had committed adultery - despite not even being married - and handed down a year's prison sentence, which she will serve in a prison just outside the city.

She is still pregnant and will be flogged once she has had the child.

It might be worth pointing out that our government supports this system, moslem barbarian peers demand we give up our freedoms of expression and get upset that we think their stone age society is backward and repressive.

All backed up by New Labour Cool Britannia multiculturalism. Still best not mention any of this as they might consider it racist...

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