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Jeremy Clarkson reportedly called James Gordon Brown a "one-eyed Scottish idiot"

From The Scotsman..
BELEAGUERED BBC chiefs last night found themselves embroiled in yet another controversy over one of its presenters after the Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson reportedly branded Gordon Brown a "one-eyed Scottish idiot".

The outspoken BBC star, one of the corporation's highest earners, also accused the Prime Minster of lying, in comments reportedly made in Australia, where he is hosting a live stage version of the hit show.

The BBC is already struggling to deal with mounting criticism of its sacking of presenter Carol Thatcher for referring to a leading tennis player off-air as a "golliwog"....

Clarkson said: "It's the first time I've ever seen a world leader admit we really re in deep s***.

"He genuinely looked terrified. The poor man, he's actually seen the books.

"(In the UK] we've got this one-eyed Scottish idiot," Clarkson said. "He keeps telling us everything's fine and he's saved the world and we know he's lying, but he's smooth at telling us."

Well said that man.

He could have added that he is an alledged trouser wetter, a waddling insecure buffoon who despite being overweight complains about cartoons showing him as fat. 

A lardy PM who waddles like a goose being fattened for the foie gras market, just look at the button on his jacket straining to hold back the lard.
He is right on both points: Gordon has one eye and he is an idiot, how is Mr Clarksons comment wrong in any way?

No doubt our emotionaly unstable PM upon reading this will be yelling at staff and having a new phone ordered after smashing his old one.

Maybe the staff at No.10 have taken to cutting out adverse tales from the media?

Sort of like an overweight Hitler buried away in his bunker, surrounded by lackies who fear to tell him the truth...

Update some members of the New Labour SS brigade charged with defence of the porkie telling PM have taken to his defence:
Gordon Banks, Labour MP for Ochil and South Perthshire, said the remark was "unforgivable".
So Gordon Banks thinks its unforgivable, Mr Clarkson expresses a viewpoint and this fucker thinks that the right of free speech does not apply to people attacking his boss. 

As Mr Banks voted to keep his second home allowance I shall use my right of free expression to call him a cunt.

As Mr Banks voted for 42 days I shall use my right of free expression to call him a cunt.

As Mr Banks cost us £151,260 in expenses for the year 2006/07, I shall use my right of free expression to call him a cunt.

The Rt Hon. MP Gordon Banks should do what he does best, get on his knees open his mouth an put Gordon's cheese laden cock in it.


2 people have spoken:

Anonymous said...

Why dont you stick to talking pish about cars you pretentious wanker? next time you leave scotland, you will be blind. you are a dead man walking. RIP

Dazed and Confused said...

Clarksons popularity and viewing figures amongst the general public must be enormous for the BBC not too have sacked him on the spot for bad mouthing their own untouchable God of incompetence.
Clarkson is an anathema to the usual BBC politically correct morons whom clutter up the corporation on virtually every other programme they produce.

He just doesn't fit the usual BBC stereotype at all.