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Life in the one eyed Scottish idiots "Cool Britannia" or Soviet Britain.

Record truancy as 63,000 children skip school every day
Almost 20,000 children under 12 skip school every day, according to alarming truancy figures.

Rates of unauthorised absence are at an 11-year high with 233,340 pupils missing the equivalent of a day a week.

More than 56,660 of these persistent offenders were in their key GCSE year.

Across all schools, more than 63,000 pupils played truant every day in 2007/2008 - including more than 3,000 aged five and six.
Failed banks slash staff as Gordons boom and bust hits home.
Up to 60,000 bank workers face the sack as Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds prepare to wield the axe amid record losses.

The banks, which have both received billions of pounds of funds from the taxpayer, are desperate to cut costs to restore their balance sheets.

Lloyds Banking Group, which took over collapsing HBOS last year, is believed to be preparing to slash up to 40,000 positions because it effectively now has too many staff doing the same jobs.

It posted full-year results today showing it had lost £10bn on the HBOS takeout.

The job cuts will add hugely to Britain's growing unemployment rolls, because most of the bank's staff work in the UK.

RBS, which yesterday unveiled a £24billion loss - the biggest in corporate history - is also believed to be on the brink of slashing up to 20,000 jobs.
Labours £300m policy on teen pregnancies fail.
Pregnancies among girls under the age of 16 have shot up to the highest level in a decade, official figures have shown.

The news dealt a fresh blow to Labour's hopes of cutting rates of teenage motherhood.
Another day another policy failure, cut the financial rewards and that will resolve the problem.

A school which staged a gay version of Romeo and Juliet – called Romeo and Julian – was yesterday accused of ‘ mindblowing political correctness’.

In another twist on the original text, two of the lead male characters – Romeo’s best friend Mercutio and his cousin Benvolio – were reimagined as women.

The play was performed by students aged 14 to 16 at Leytonstone School, a mixed comprehensive in East London, to coincide with Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender History Month.

Drama teacher Jo Letson reworked Shakespeare’s play to challenge ‘ homophobia and homophobic bullying’.
Yet more social engineering from New Labour's pc teachers.

A benefits cheat who illegally claimed more than £70,000 has been given a staggering 100 years to pay back the cash.

For more than five years Caroline Wilson, 44, has ripped off taxpayers by claiming £73,294 she wasn't entitled to.

But despite being found guilty of fraud, she has been ordered to repay just £14 a week because of restrictions on what she can be forced to pay.

This means it would take at least a century to pay back the amount in full...
Susie Squire, campaigns manager for the Taxpayers' Alliance, said it was a 'total disgrace' someone who abused the benefits system would never pay the money back.
She said: 'This woman has taken advantage in the worst possible way and the taxpayers has been asked to pick up the bill.
'It seems that even now, after she has been sentenced, it's the innocent taxpayers that are being punished.'
An lastly the nail biting trouser pisser, our snot gobbling cowardly fat PM is censured over his office being rented out.

Gordon Brown was rebuked yesterday by an official watchdog for breaking Commons rules over his tax-payer-funded expenses.

The Prime Minister was rapped for ' inappropriately' renting out his constituency office.

MPs on the Standards and Privileges Committee said he was wrong to charge local Labour party colleagues £3,100 in rent for using his advice centre in Kirkcaldy.

He was cleared of not declaring the money but found guilty of breaching guidelines which ban MPs sub-letting accommodation paid for from Parliamentary allowances.
Mr Brown - who has led attempts to clean up MPs' allowances - escaped punishment because the watchdog said he had not benefited financially from the 'inadvertent' breach. He had rectified the situation and apologised.
While MPs accepted there was 'no intention to deceive', they said the Premier could 'easily have avoided' the situation.
The committee also criticised him for dragging his heels over the investigation.

He took six weeks to reply to an initial letter from John Lyon, the Parliamentary commissioner for standards, and another two and a half months to arrange a meeting.

Between 2005 and late 2007 Mr Brown, MP for Kirkcaldy & Cowdenbeath, and MSP Marilyn Livingstone jointly sub-let part of the office to the local Labour Party.
The then Chancellor was paid £3,100 rent and deducted this from the amount he claimed under MPs' taxpayer-funded office allowances.
Sub-letting the office was permitted by Scottish Parliament rules, but not Westminster's.
The committee said Mr Brown had acted 'dangerously' by assuming they were the same.

It was also 'disappointing' Commons authorities did not warn Mr Brown of the breach when he showed them his lease in 2006 and 2007.

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