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Life in unelected PM James Gordon Brown's "Cool Britannia"

"UK withdraws controversial terrorism lesson plan," by Raphael G. Satter for the Associated Press, February 19:

LONDON (AP) — Britain's government apologized Thursday for endorsing a lesson plan which asked students to think like suicide bombers.
Britain's government-run Teachernet Web site pointed teachers to a lesson plan about the deadly attacks which suggested that students think about the bombings from the perspective of the people who carried them out.
A spokesman for the Department for Children, Schools and Families described the site as a "one-stop-shop" for British teachers looking for lesson plans and teaching aids. He acknowledged that the lesson about the bombings was inappropriate for schoolchildren and said it had been pulled from the site.
"We've apologized," he said, speaking anonymously in line with official policy.
The lesson plan, called "Things Do Change," examines life in multicultural Britain. The focus is on the "golden rule" — treating others as you would want to be treated — but it also touches on the London bombings, in which four British Muslims killed themselves and 52 others aboard subway cars and a double-decker bus.
Among the lessons' suggested features was: "A brief presentation on the 7/7 bombings from the perspective of the bombers."
The Times Educational Supplement identified the lesson plan's author as Sail Suleman and quoted him as saying it was an attempt to get children to think about — and challenge — extremism.
"Why do young people go out and do what the bombers did?" Suleman was quoted as saying. "Was it pressure from individuals they were hanging out with? Hopefully, we'll encourage pupils to stay away from those individuals."
But the teaching material drew anger from those touched by London's deadliest attack since World War II.
"I can't see why anyone would think it is a valuable exercise to encourage children to put themselves in the position of men who treated people in such an inhuman way," Jacqui Putnam, a survivor of the bombings, was quoted in The Daily Telegraph's Friday edition.
Tough on terror and tough on the causes of terror.

Gordonomics - National debt at 2 trillion
The staggering total of Britain's national debt was laid bare yesterday - at least £2trillion.

That represents £33,000 for every man, woman and child in the country.

Bank bailouts will send debt 'off the Richter scale' at a staggering 147 per cent of national income, the worst figure since 1954 and one of the highest in the developed world.

The figures came from the independent Office of National Statistics, which said it was adding giant liabilities from two part-nationalised banks - estimated at between £1trillion and £1.5trillion - to existing debts.
Teacher who used crack to keep job. Although had he been a BNP member they probably would have sacked him.
A teacher who admitted using crack cocaine and falling asleep during lessons has been allowed to keep his job at the Government's newest academy school.

William Horseman, who now teaches at the Merchants Academy in Withywood, Bristol, was a user of crack cocaine during 2005 and 2006 when he was working at Ridings High School, in nearby Winterbourne.

He admitted one count of unacceptable professional conduct at a hearing of the General Teaching Council on Thursday.
Maybe he supplies the other teachers an they don't want to lose their dealer? Either that or he is well in with the loons in the teaching unions.

A terror suspect awarded thousands of pounds of UK taxpayers' cash by human rights judges in Strasbourg has complained bitterly that the size of his payout was 'rubbish'.

Fanatical Abu Rideh was one of nine terror suspects - including hate cleric Abu Qatada - awarded handouts worth tens of thousands by the European Court of Human Rights for being unlawfully detained in Belmarsh prison.
But the Palestinian fanatic, who is linked to hook-handed preacher Abu Hamza and once threatened to kill himself in front of a judge, said: 'This is nothing. What is £3,000? This is not money.'
The extremist, a father of five who lives in west London after being granted UK asylum, continued: ''You put people locked up for three-and-a-half years with no trial and no charge with torture in Belmarsh and with everything.
'And you give them this money? This is rubbish money. I don't want this money - give it back.'
Such a shame that he did not do the people of this land a favour and follow through on his threat to kill himself. Had our government a set of testicles they would refuse payment to these stone age barbarian savages.

When snow descended on the country earlier this month, Pam Todd was more determined than ever to make sure there was plenty of food available for the local birds.

The keen twitcher braved the elements to spread a few handfuls of bird seed in her back garden and on the front communal lawn outside her bungalow, as she has done for the last 20 years.

But the wildlife-loving pensioner has suddenly been told to stop her favourite pastime - or run the risk of a £2,500 fine and court conviction.

Milton Keynes Council claimed in a letter that by feeding the birds, Mrs Todd, who suffers from severe arthritis, is guilty of littering and can face punishment under 'clean neighbourhood' legislation within the Environmental Protection Act.

Yesterday the grandmother-of-five vowed to carry on feeding the birds - as the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds(RSPB) backed her plight.

Mrs Todd, from Bletchley, Milton Keynes, said: 'I cannot understand what I've done wrong.

'I was trembling with shock when I opened the letter, and afterwards had a good cry.

'What right has anyone got to preach to me about what I can and can't do? Why are they trying to spoil my innocent pleasure, when it puts these little creatures at risk?

'I'll discuss with my family how far I should push this, but the most important thing in all this nonsense is the welfare of the birds.'

The council claim that by leaving seed and crusts on the council-owned communal lawn, she is guilty of littering in a public place under section 87 (1) of the Environmental Protection Act.

The authority said she can be fined £75 or, if the matter goes to court, given a maximum fine of £2, 500 for littering.
Which just go's to show that the half a million plus useless timeservers that Gordon Brown put on the public sector payroll over the last 12 years have little if anything to do and so have to dream up ever more ways of regulating our lives.

No doubt they will have some "council agents" parked outside her abode 24/7 with video equipment to see if she is breaking the rules, after all they have the power to do so under Ripa.

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