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Michael Buerk upsets the pc elite after saying 'primitive' tribes in New Guinea 'kill strangers'

The righteous become upset at the latest percieved thought crime.
BBC presenter Michael Buerk has incurred the wrath of people from New Guinea after he called them 'primitive' and said they kill outsiders.
The former news-reader was presenting long-running Radio 4 show The Moral Maze, which was debating morality, when he made the comments.

He was cross-examining Peter Cave, chairman of the Humanist Philosophers' Group on the 500th edition of the show.

During a discussion last week about where people draw their humanity from, Buerk then made a comparison with the people from the Pacific Island.

He said: 'If you say innate humanity, the only really primitive societies to survive into the modern age are tribes in the remote parts of New Guinea and whenever they come across a stranger they kill them.'

The presenter is understood to have been referring to the West Papuans which form part of the Indonesian province on the island just north of Australia.

But his comments have sparked an angry backlash from community groups claiming his remarks were offensive and inaccurate.
Well they do eat their fellow man as this article shows, now lets face it when strangers end up in the cooking pot that is a sign of uncivilized behaviour. 

No doubt there will be many calls from assorted right on pc types for Mr Buerk to apologise and I am sure that the savages of New Guinea will have the cooking pot ready should he ever set foot in their lands.

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Anonymous said...

I expect this kind of thing is going on in Bristol.

Anonymous said...

That's where the Dyaks live.
The Head Hunters.