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Microsoft hate you.

Seriously they do. They despise you, hate everything you do, everything you stand want and want you to have as miserable a time as they can make it.

First up they dump their shit on us, expect us to pay for it and - wait for it this is a blinder - when it go's wrong they release a patch and let us resolve the issues.

Of course that takes them an eternity and doesn't help you in the meantime.

They consider us no better than beagles in some lab being forced to smoke cigarettes until they develop cancer, and I am sure that Bill Gates an his buddies hope that you all get cancer and die a slow lingering death.

Lets take their browser, I say browser I mean useless steaming turd fest; Internet Explorer. Talk about flawed, look at this as an example of fuckwittery: Microsoft strikes again.

What advise did they offer? Well basically fuck you. Die all of you. Use another browser until we can be bothered to fix it, then come on back to us you contemptible scum. 

There are plenty of other browsers out there: Firefox 3 Opera Google Chrome Apple Safari Flock
Then we have their bloatware, huge resource hogging applications that if they were countries would be run by Pol Pot and Hitler and have Gordon Brown has Chancellor. Slow bug laden and on anything but the latest speed monster PC takes an eternity to load.

Oh and PowerPoint, a slideshow with bells an whistles. The Emperors new clothes of a program.

Then we have Hotmail, Jesus wept. Great ten years ago, but like that skank that has been ridden by one an all in the pub its best days are long gone. Plus that whoring MSN shyte thats stuck with it, download this, you need that. Don't ever give any financial info either, you might as well e-mail your bank details to Nigeria.

Seriously Word, WTF? Just for a sodding letter once in a while. For God's sake no. Use something like Openoffice. Oh and why does it crash so much? Oh yes I forgot Microsoft hate us.

Same go's for Excel their gloried slow abacus and they expect people to pay for that crap? When their is software just as good on the internet for free? Yep, as I said they hate you.
Aside from that we have this saga with registration. 

Bang in some key code off the disk, else we lock your PC after 30 days; as we regard you as a criminal on a par with Osama Bin Laden. God forbid they should make it easy for people to install their software.

Oh and has anyone ever tried to contact Microsoft? Seriously I love putting a mail on some problem together for their "customer care" dept to delete straight away and never get back. Same go's for calls.

Oh and have you tried to rollback from Vista to XP? Fucking hell they hate us, so don't make it easy please Microsoft after all I must deserve all that hassle, right?!

Oh an compability issues, this is a great one. You buy a cool bit of software, get a few years use out of it and when the next OS from Microshaft comes along, it don't work. Then they drop support and I use that word loosely for the old OS to get you to upgrade, at your expense.

Data loss, oh this is a great one. Use any damn app of their and they do their best to lose your information. After all they have covered themselves with about 12 billion lines of legalese that translates to 2 little words:

Then we have the updates, fucking hell. Nag, nag, nag. Endless patches for the crap they gave you earlier.

Now we have this latest spot of corporate cuntwaffle: identifying yourself as a lesbian gets you banned on xbox live

As I said Microshaft hate you, they want a plague on your house and your first born to die. 

I hate them and keep Windows as a back up for Linux.

8 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Spot of bother, Old Loner? I must say I have some sympathy but recently have dumped McAfee and now running like a Merc. As for IE spot on.

Conan the Librarian™ said...

Is Bill Gates the antichrist?


Fidothedog said...

Oldrightie, no bother I find it a pleasure to rip into Microshaft. Bloody over rated outfit of cowboys.

JPT said...

I was going to buy excel this weekend - you've talked me out of it!

Anonymous said...

Ditch microsoft folks, get an apple, none of those crappy issues that plague you every damn day.

Apple is not heaven on the planet or something, i occasionally get crashes and things, but it's not as regular as with a windows pc. No need for anti-virus and all that crap. I got openoffice from Sun, which is similar to office, it has its limitations, but at least you don't have to pay for the wretched thing.

Not sure what apple is like with games though, i never tried that, so i can't say.

Anonymous said...

"I hate them [Microsoft]"

Immediately I saw the title, I thought 'get Linux', been using it for at least five years now, it is perfectly fine.

JPT: "I was going to buy excel this weekend"

Try Gnumeric. It does anything you might need at home. It lacks the VBA, (but Microsoft are jerking people around with that anyway) but with a little perl, I fancy you could make up the shortcoming.

"and keep Windows as a back up for Linux."

The most annoying thing I find is a few websites refuse to run unless they identify IE. Apparently IE is the most secure browser out there, !@*$!!

Damon Lord said...

Vista is a pile of shit. I bought a computer 2 weeks after Vista launched. I wanted a computer with XP on it, but they'd sold out (nobody wanted Vista). I was stuck with Vista. For the first year, nearly every night when I logged on the net I had to download some automatically downloaded Vista patch to update the damned thing. Fucking useless. I hated being Bill Gates's beta tester.

Late One said...

Never had a problem with Vista, IE or any of that- provided you've got a bit of nous you'll be OK (provided it works to begin with, which is a bit of an issue).

What I do have a problem with is the apparent lack of quality control- and not just their PC stuff, the xbox 360 is a ropey piece of kit. I'm on my 4th unit. OK, It hasn't cost me apart from the initial outlay but I could do without the hassle.

So I download loads of MS stuff from Pirate Bay and Limewire once a month, delete it, and send a mail to let them know that I support pirates punching them in the bollocks.

So far, not one response.