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New Labour scum: Environment Minister Sammy Wilson fined for riding without tax or insurance.

Another day and another member of New Labour is found breaking the law: Roads minister sammy wilson caught without tax or mot
Environment Minister Sammy Wilson last night branded the law which saw him fined for riding his motorbike without tax or MoT as “absurd”.

The Minister, who has responsibility for road safety in Northern Ireland, was caught by a camera detection unit on the Newtownards Road in east Belfast — a short distance from the Stormont Parliament Buildings.

As revealed by the Belfast Telegraph’s sister paper, the Sunday Life, the East Antrim MP was taking his bike to a garage to have it serviced for an MoT test four days later.

Calling for a review of the law, the bike-mad politician — he has five motorcycles — said: “I suspect there are a lot of people who take their cars which are neither taxed or MoT’d to go and get them checked before an MoT so they don't fail.

“Probably they don't know they are breaking the law, I certainly did not know I was breaking the law.”

He added: “I still think the interpretation of the law, in the eyes of most people, would seem to be absurd.”

Mr Wilson also said he is annoyed that a member of his department leaked details of how he had been caught riding his motorbike without tax or MoT.

Speaking to the Sunday Life he said he believes details of his fine were leaked by one of his own officials, adding: “It’s very annoying actually when someone from my department leaks this information to the media.

“Only the department would have known about this. If they leak something like this what’s to stop them leaking other information of a more sensitive nature.”...
Well boo fucking hoo, he throws his toys out of the socialist pram at being caught, then has a strop about someone leaking the information to the media. 

Simple solution to that problem is to tax and insure his vehicle in the first place. 

Maybe he should calm down, suck his thumb and think why they have road laws on tax and insurance in the first place. 

Were he a man of any note he would apologise over acting like a total cock and think that it was his fault in the first place.

I wonder if Mr Wilson had his vehicle signed off the road as it should be if the tax ran out?...

The article did not state if Mr Wilson - who sued a paper over pictures of him without any clothes - was dressed at the time he was stopped by the police.

3 people have spoken:

Oldrightie said...

Can't you just here him saying to the law, "Don't you know who I am?"

Fidothedog said...

Oh I bet he was pissed when that story was leaked, you just know he is sniffing around the dept trying to find when member of staff it was.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

In mainland UK it is not illegal to take your car for a pre-booked MOT, dunno about the insurance though.
Any man of principle would have declared his conviction, apopgised and moved on.
Hopefully he will now go on the list.