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New Labour tough on crime, soft on feral chavscum.

Sometimes you see a post and you agree with it and so I shall crosspost: 

From the Rantingkingpenguin on Jack Straw being tough on violent criminal scum, or rather playing the "media card"
He's forcing the prison authorities to vary the terms and conditions under which a man convicted of beating a teenager with a golf club until it broke and then threatening to stab his with the broken shaft is allowed out of prison early. So this charming violent convict can stay for the wedding night with his new bride to be.

Good to see that Slippery Jack is on the job. (Of trying to grab a headline, as ever.)
The Penguin
Remember the socialist mantra "Tough on thugs who beat someone with a golf club and tough on the causes of feral thugs who beat someone with a golf club."

For a safer chav free UK vote anyone but the New Labour filth. 

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