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Supt. Hartshorn on the great unwashed being a tad miffed by Gordonomics.

Senior officers are concerned that victims of the economic downturn who have lost their jobs, homes or savings, will take to the streets to riot.
Britain's most senior policeman in charge of maintaining public order said middle-class people, who would previously never have considered publicly protesting, may now resort to joining demonstrations.

Banks bailed out with public money, which continue to pay large bonuses, and the headquarters or financial institutions blamed for the financial crisis have become "viable targets", the Metropolitan police warned.

The head of the force's public order branch, Superintendent David Hartshorn, told the Guardian newspaper that since the credit crunch, activists have become more "intent on coming on to the streets to create public disorder".

He said he fears that known activists will use the anger over the economic crisis to stir up unrest.

Supt Hartshorn said: "Those people would be good at motivating people, but they haven't had the foot soldiers to actually carry out protests.

"Obviously the downturn in the economy, unemployment, repossessions, changes that. Suddenly there is the opportunity for people to mass protest."
He added that intelligence gathered from activists' websites suggested that Britain is facing a "summer of rage" with April's G20 summit being billed as a potential flash point.
The warning comes following several protests in the UK, including the wildcat strikes at a Total refinery in Lincolnshire over the employment of foreign workers.
Well I do love the tone that our PC Hartshorn uses, since when did legitamate protesters become activists or footsoldiers? Guess maybe that Stasi guide manual on subversives has come in useful at last.

I do like his razor sharp intellect pointing out that the downturn, folk being turfed out of the family home and other effects of Gordonomics might cause protests. 

Maybe they are not happy with sleeping under the local railway bridge with all the other people whos homes have been repossessed, now living in a Gordonville of tents, sleeping bags and newspapers.

Here is a thought Hartshorn, these "footsoldiers" as you call them pay your wages.(Well they did until Gordon fucked the economy and they lost their jobs.) He thinks that reading some anarchist sites gives him a warning that the G20 might be a flashpoint, wow go figure. 

I would have banked on that with out even looking at his " intelligence gathered from activists' websites" - With a razor like intellect like that I can sleep safer in my bed of night. 

Maybe one day we might see Supt Hartshorn out on the streets, arresting people for read crimes like overloaded bins, maybe even selling a grey squirrel, importing Polish potatoes; indeed any of the 3000+ bits of social engineering New Labour have dumped on the statute books.

Oh and should some officers become a bit boisterous at the G20, well not to worry as now the unwashed can not photograph you. So its fine to give them a good kicking in the back of the van. After all should any photos appear you can always D notice them under terror laws.

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