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Worrall Thompson celeb prick an chef.

So called "Celebrity" chef Antony Worrall Loudmouth has had to shut four of his restaurants, leaving 60 of his staff redundant.

Yeah well times are hard an all that, lack of cash means people don't go out to eat as much as before. He freely admits that he:
"experienced an unexpected but decisive fall in revenue across the businesses from September 2008".
Then blames the banks for lack of support.
"It makes me cry. It is just appalling... I am furious, to be honest, that the banks didn't support me," he added.
So he admits to losing money and then wants them to lend him £200,000? 

Then adds that he said he was "furious" that he felt forced to tell staff - who he treats as a "big family" - they had to find work elsewhere.

But had he been willing to put up his house as security he could have been lent money by the bank -
Mr Worrall Thompson said he could have saved his entire company by offering his home as a guarantee to the banks, but said that he wasn't willing to take such a "horrendous" risk.
Apparently this he was not willing to do, not even for his "big family"

But he blames the evil banks, complete fucking bastards. How dare they demand some security on the loans they offer his failing business. Indeed with rightous indignation I shall bleat on the BBC website about how badly I have been treated blah blah blah.

Maybe his problem is more money going out than customers coming in through the door, you know the scene -bums on seats an money going into till.

But fuck it, he is obviously too stupid to work that simple fact out. 

2 people have spoken:

Houdini said...

I like the thought of fuckers like this running short, though I did think he was one of the better ones. Gordon Ramsey I hate with a fucking passion, mainly because he is simply a cunt and not a very good one at that. If I worked for him I'd have told him to fuck off. He is bust too. Jamie Olivier...yep, he should be next, and that fucking annoying twat Ainsley Harriot.

Fidothedog said...

I just love the fact that he admits he has lost a packet yet wont put his money where his large mouth is an use his house to back the loans.