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You know a government is fucked when they are treated with contempt: Miliband stood up for dinner.

Abuse from political rivals a politician can live with, some wear the hatred of rivals as a badge of pride.

Mockery again they can live with that, it go's with the job.

Contempt, being looked down on and ignored - that is a different animal.

Especially if you are David Miliband the British Foreign Sec. that is the chap who is supposed to represent us on the World stage.

Jason Cowley’s profile of David Miliband in the New Statesman is an engaging read. But one line in it stood out to me:

“we waited for a group of Indian politicians to arrive for dinner (in fact, only two of the expected nine turned up)”

How did it come to this, a British Foreign Secretary, and we are after all a permanent member of the UN Security Council and the fifth largest economy in the world, is not considered worth turning up to dinner with?

This is more worrying than anything else that I’ve heard about Miliband’s (disastrous) India trip. It suggests a decline into irrelevance.

PS I’ve put in a call to the Foreign Office to see if they can shed any light on why so many guests didn’t show, I’ll update when I hear back.  

That they see Gordon, New Labour and his banana wielding Miliband as not worthy of eating with speaks volumes. 

I should not laugh but well looking at Miliband I am reminded of some minor actor from the local drama group that has wandered into a major film set and is poncing about, annoying real actors saying to their blank looks "Don't you know who I am?"....

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