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Alistair Darling - Your all to blame for Gordon being a useless one eyed cock.

Were all guilty...says the badger haired one.
Banks, politicians and regulators must all take their share of the blame for the financial crisis before trust can be restored to the system, Alistair Darling will warn today.

The Chancellor will deliver a stern message to City boardrooms over their part in what he will describe as a 'fundamental breakdown of trust in the global financial system'.

In a keynote speech to the Financial Services Authority, he will also risk infuriating Gordon Brown, who has refused to admit responsibility for the crisis, by repeating his call for the Government to accept 'mistakes have been made'.
Mr Darling will say: 'All of us - governments, regulators and importantly the industry itself - need to work together to rebuild that trust.

'That process will take time: there are no instant remedies or overnight solutions. It starts with an acceptance that mistakes have been made in the past and a willingness to learn the lessons.'

Darling you badger haired fuckwit, we have learned the lesson. You or rather your mono eyed cunt of a boss in No.10 fucked the system royally. Encouraged debt, led the finance system on a merry ol spending spree and claimed that the normal rules of boom and bust did not apply to him. 

Cyclops caused it, fed fuel on the fire and he is one to be blamed.

2 people have spoken:

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Alistair, you and your gang might just start to rebuild public trust by fucking the fuck off and never disgracing the public stage again, ever. You could all join Shredded Fred, in his shed.

wv: 'dissing' Honest !

Fidothedog said...

I don't think Sir Fred would want them.